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The Samsung Galaxy S 4, tested before his own debut

You need not wait for Samsung send to the media the first units of the Galaxy S 4 so you can familiarize yourself with the internals and … at least if you understand Chinese. Although people of Samsung would have preferred to keep secret the details of its new flagship, the Chinese site IT168, responsible for the juicy leaks of late, has posted a complete analysis of the Galaxy S 4 even before takes place presentation event will take place in a few hours in New York.

Before you jump to click on the source and sets you on an adventure interpretative Google translator, we note that there is no guarantee that the analyzed terminal corresponds to the end device and the version that will be marketed in the rest the world. With that said, the text reflects and even confirm many of the details that until now were only a rumor, as the use of a Super AMOLED HD 1080p display of 4.99 inches (4.8 720p in SGSIII) processor 5410 to 1.8 GHz Exynos eight cores and the use of a large battery of 2600 mAh to maintain such a powerful set nourished. Continue reading The Samsung Galaxy S 4, tested before his own debut

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Samsung will demonstrate at MWC new services for TV

Samsung MWC TV
Apparently, the information that Samsung is not an example of participation in the annual exhibition MWC 2013, was false. On the eve of the launch event in Barcelona, ​​it was announced that Samsung is going to show the world their latest achievements in the field of television.

Representatives of the company Samsung reported that MWC 2013 the company will demonstrate its new service TV Discovery, which greatly simplifies the search process by integrating and relaying real-time information about the programs from a variety of sources, including services VoD (video on demand), traditional television or online services such as YouTube. Continue reading Samsung will demonstrate at MWC new services for TV

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Samsung brings Galaxy cheap camera with WiFi without 3G

If you think you’re interested in Samsung’s Galaxy camera that is in you is too expensive or you wonder why you need 3G anyway, then you may soon be helped. Samsung has introduced the EK-GC110 namely that with the same specs (16.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, 21x optical zoom, 4.8-inch display, 1.4GHz quad-core processor and Android 4.1) as before coming, but without 3G. What it will cost exactly but is still unknown, as when it is available. The press release is after the break.

Samsung Electronics . today launched the Samsung GALAXY Camera WiFi, the newest addition to the Galaxy Camera lineup. Like the original GALAXY Camera, the GALAXY Camera WiFi combines high performance photographic features with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS and dual-band WiFi connectivity, making shooting, enjoying, editing and sharing images from a single device easier than ever before. Continue reading Samsung brings Galaxy cheap camera with WiFi without 3G

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 on 14 March unveiled in New York

Samsung did with the Galaxy series quite a success for several years, all of course the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3. The more exciting it is to know when the successor to the popular smartphone is presented. At Samsung, this is probably a fairly well-kept secret, well-informed people have now, however, receive information. Accordingly, the smartphone is on 14 March will be presented to the public in New York.

Availability and price, there is still no information. Hopefully it will not come too late, after the presentation on the market. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S 4 on 14 March unveiled in New York

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Samsung refrigerator RF31FMES BSR, great features home gadgets

Samsung refrigerator RF31FMES
We will in the coming weeks often deal with new smartphones from Samsung and the like, because the distraction is worth looking at the other departments of the mega-company. The thinking is not only better product name – this fridge is RF31FMESBSR – but also surprise with good features. The new family cooler comes with an integrated carbon dioxide cartridge. A glass of cool wet But please you. You can choose between three different levels of blubber, provided by SodaStream. Also good: the lowered child specialist.

And because the fridge will come to market in the U.S. (as of April, Price: $ 3,900), which also produces RF31FMESBSR up to 4.5 kg of ice per day. Continue reading Samsung refrigerator RF31FMES BSR, great features home gadgets

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Samsung offers 5% Wacom

$ 58.2 million is the price that has invested in Samsung Wacom to acquire 5%!

Wacom, the market leader in graphics tablets with styluses, Samsung just interested in its technology for pens, Korean technology giant is already using its range of Galaxy Note. Minority stake in the capital of the company should allow Samsung to have a little ahead of this technology compared to its competitors.

Best prices Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Touch Pad Tablet Pc 10.1 Continue reading Samsung offers 5% Wacom

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Galaxy Gigabyte weeks: Free storage for your Galaxy devices

Galaxy Gigabyte weeks
Samsung is now and a few fun activities around the Galaxy devices. Today start the Galaxy Gigabyte weeks. For 17 different Galaxy smartphones participating in the action you get free storage in the form of an SD card. The size of the memory card is of course dependent on the value of your purchased Galaxy device. With a grade 2 or grade 10.1 this is, after all 64GB in size, and with an S or duo Ace Plus nevertheless still 4GB. You get an overview of the debate.

The memory card you can get only if ye the Galaxy device between the first of February and the 15th March buys. Registration will follow the action page separately furnished by Samsung. Continue reading Galaxy Gigabyte weeks: Free storage for your Galaxy devices

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Samsung buys stake in Wacom stylus

According to Korean news agency Yonhap, Samsung will take part in the capital through the purchase of Wacom 5 percent stake in the Japanese company, specializing in the production of graphics tablets. Wacom technology used in devices Galaxy Note the first and second generations.

How the deal could affect the further development of Samsung? According to the Koreans, the stylus selects products among others. For example, the digital pen makes handwriting Chinese characters. And China, as it is known, is the largest market for smartphones in the world. Part of this can be explained by the desire to market Samsung tool for writing and drawing on the touch screen. Continue reading Samsung buys stake in Wacom stylus

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Samsung copied the design of Apple

Samsung Vs Apple
This is probably one of the few cases where ignorance of the law is partially exempted from liability. Judge Lucy Koh issued a verdict in the case of Samsung – Apple, from which it became clear that the South Korean company of violating patents of Cupertino unintentionally. Humanity is either nonsense – you decide.

Recall that in August last year, a jury ruled in favor of the “apple” of the company, Samsung pleaded guilty and awarded compensation of 1.05 billion dollars. Of course, the South Korean company has filed an appeal. It is now known that Koch is not only rejected the decision of the jury that the Apple patent infringement was intentional, but also Samsung motion for a new trial. Continue reading Samsung copied the design of Apple

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Samsung Galaxy Xcover is waterproof 2 before officially

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2
Some days ago a picture of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 is turned up. This is a smartphone that can score, largely due to resistance. Now, Samsung has been ahead of the Mobile World Congress officially unveiled the device. It comes as expected with a 4-inch WVGA display, GPS and Android 4.1. The CPU will have two cores with 1Ghz, the camera on the back has a resolution of 5 megapixels.

The highlight of the Galaxy Xcover 2 is certainly not the equipment, but the housing. Indeed, it is shock resistant and can last up to 30 minutes to dive to a depth of one meter in the water. Samsung still makes no statement about when the device is launched, even when price is silent as always. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Xcover is waterproof 2 before officially

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Samsung nashtampovali over 300 million OLED-panels

Samsung OLED
Organic light emitting diodes (OLED) is the youngest of display technology, which is currently available to consumers. Samsung has decided to report what has made such a display of more than 300 million units.

The mass production of OLED-panels began in January 2007. If you look at the situation as a whole, the figure of 300 million does not seem so big. But the point is that any new production creates a number of difficulties.

However, at the last Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) the company reported the latest developments in the field of OLED-technology, and even brought a few OLED-TVs and monitors. If we do not speak of flexible OLED-displays, which were also shown at the exhibition. Continue reading Samsung nashtampovali over 300 million OLED-panels

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Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: South Korean Empire ready to hit

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Since the announcement of the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has almost a year. According to several resources, the South Korean company wants to upgrade range very soon, and for the announcement of the new tablet will be selected exhibition WMC 2013.

The new line will be called Galaxy Tab 3 (code name Santos). It will include the 7 – and 10.1 inch modification. At the moment such specifications as the resolution and display type, the processor model shrouded in mystery. It is known that both models will get the camera resolution of 5 megapixels. In sale Wi-Fi-and 3G-modified tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0, 3 and 3 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Continue reading Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: South Korean Empire ready to hit

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Began selling mini-PC Samsung Chromebox processors Intel Core i5-2450M

mini-PC Samsung Chromebox Intel Core i5-2450m
Since its debut in May of last year and, until recently, a mini-PC Samsung Chromebox listed in a configuration with processor Celeron B840, but recently went on sale in the modification of the processor Intel Core i5.

Unfortunately, wishing to find a small package Samsung Chromebook XE300M22-A01US Ivy Bridge processor will be disappointed – “hromoboksu” went processor Core i5-2450M, elder generation (Sandy Bridge) and equipped with a graphics core HD Graphics 3000.
However, to meet basic household needs, such as high-definition video, and access to the Internet, that is enough.
Recall work computer running Chrome. Continue reading Began selling mini-PC Samsung Chromebox processors Intel Core i5-2450M

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