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MiiPC: The PC living room for the whole family

On Kickstarter, projects requesting funding Internet abound. Today, the project MiiPC of interest. This small PC that runs on Android does indeed go further in parental control by enabling parents to manage their child’s activity on the web.

PC looks like a small box that plugs directly to a screen. Once done, the children can use apps to do everything they do on a PC with the only difference that parents are aware of everything. Through an application, they can see what their child will even be able to close the remote application.

The project has already exceeded its fundraising goal on Kickstarter, while the countdown is far from over. A project that will delight parents wanting fliquer monitor the activities of their children on the family computer. Continue reading MiiPC: The PC living room for the whole family

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Bose unveils VideoWave II

Bose has unveiled its new entertainment system all in one: the VideoWave II. The device combines an HD screen and a HiFi system for easier installation and greater ease of use. Available in two sizes, 46 “or 55”, the Video Wave is equipped with a screen full HD 1080p LED backlit. The speakers are built right into the screen, and everything comes with a small box for the connection.
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