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U7 supplies tablet running Ubuntu will begin in October

Australian company Intermatrix started accepting pre-orders for the plates U7, the hallmark of which will use the operating system Ubuntu Touch. The device is priced at about $ 310. U7 delivery to begin in October. The tablet will make the company Ainol.

The basis of the tablet is a single-chip system with a quad-CPU ARM Cortex-A9, clocked at 1.5 GHz and quad GPU Vivante GC1000 +.

The device is equipped with a seven-inch screen like IPS, a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels (density – 216 pixels per inch). Display combined with touch screen capacitive type.

U7 configuration includes 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash memory. It is possible to extend the non-volatile memory card through microSD. The equipment also includes products camera resolution of 2 and 0.3 megapixel, interfaces USB 2.0, HDMI 1.4 and IEEE 802.11 b / g / n. Continue reading U7 supplies tablet running Ubuntu will begin in October

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ASUS teasert that MeMo pad 10-inch in the video

ASUS 10-inch MeMo pad
After the announcement of the 7-inch model of MeMo pads from ASUS makes the manufacturer wants us now with a 10-inch version of the mouth watery make.

Video introduces the new tablet, can be found on YouTube a few technical details including: a 1.2 GHz of fast Tegra 3 as a processor, an IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 and 178 ° of range of viewing angles, SonicMaster audio processor and some pre-installed apps should convince the potential buyer. Continue reading ASUS teasert that MeMo pad 10-inch in the video

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Demand for Notebooks in the quarter remained weak

Indicators of the financial report for the third quarter, Intel reflect slowing notebook market, due to the growing consumer interest in smartphones and tablets. Given the fact that the company Apple, Microsoft and Google will soon release a new tablet models, Taiwanese representatives of the supply chain are confident that demand for laptops may not perk up until the first quarter of next year.

According to reports, on October 23, Apple will release a tablet iPad Mini with a screen size of 7.85 inches, which will cost 250 euros. It is assumed that the tablets Microsoft Surface RT will be launched simultaneously with the new version of Windows, that is, on October 26. Continue reading Demand for Notebooks in the quarter remained weak

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Component suppliers named approximate price tablets Microsoft Surface

With reference to the members of supply chains hardware, follow-up activity, the source reported price data plates Microsoft Surface. The output of these devices is expected in late October.

According to previously published reports, Microsoft Surface tablet on ARM with Windows RT will cost no less than $ 599, the model on x86-compatible processor Intel Ivy Bridge with Windows 8 – at least $ 799.
Continue reading Component suppliers named approximate price tablets Microsoft Surface

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In place of Wintel-tablet Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 model came Stylistic Q552

The company Fujitsu, through its pages in the network Facebook, has announced a Tablet PC Stylistic Q552. The technology, according to the name, replaced the model Stylistic Q550: she, like its predecessor, is based on the Intel Atom platform and managed by Windows 7.
Continue reading In place of Wintel-tablet Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 model came Stylistic Q552

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UMC is looking for investment from Qualcomm

Taiwanese industrial sources report that UMC is trying to Qualcomm’s participation in its upcoming private placement of securities to establish a strategic partnership with a developer of mobile processors. However, UMC denies interest in certain investors as part of its measures to increase cash flow.
Continue reading UMC is looking for investment from Qualcomm

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HP first tablet Windows 8 on x86, not ARM under

The first tablet of Windows 8 running on HP x86 and will turn to the professionals, the American ad.
With the arrival of Windows 8, it will be possible to find shelves Windows 8 / Windows x86 configurations or RT / MRA, the first being rather for professionals when the second is the general public.

In unveiling its range space, Microsoft offers two possibilities with products close but not entirely similar. The fact that the Redmond group becomes a manufacturer of tablets has largely been speculation about the reaction of other manufacturers who gets stuck with a partner as much as a competitor, could hinder the ongoing projects.

The HP group, he has made ​​his choice: his first tablet Windows 8 will carry a x86 processor and is designed for professionals. This does not mean that the company will not provide the latest ARM tablets but priority is given to a logical architecture established in the PC world and who will have the assurance of compatibility with x86 applications.

Some see it as a reaction to the arrival of Microsoft on the market shelves that would encourage HP to dispense tablets ARM. In fact, HP has many reasons to favor natural products under x86.

The tablets launched last year in Windows 7 were already turned to professional products and not the general public, whose market locked by Apple and occupied by dozens of Android tablets, is difficult to exploit. HP was able to experience with the acquisition of Palm and WebOS operating system, and marketing of the tablet HP TouchPad which proved disastrous.

ARM design shelves also requires tightening the costs and achieve very little room for significant operating costs, whose return is not assured by sales volumes consistent.

Instead, the shelves globally oriented company offer better margin opportunities in a market that is not still under the thumb of a player whose HP is aware of the expectations, with the opportunity to highlight the software compatibility.

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