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B go beyond: a hybrid between the remote and the car quadricopter

B gobeyond
We talked last week of the last advertising campaign for RA. Parrot AR.Drone 2.0. Here is a new product that could compete with it because it is a hybrid quadricopter / car all terrain remote attent patiently for his patent.

Devised by engineer and designer Don Vitenzo (his real name Witold Mielniczek) and proposed on Kickstarter, this vehicle whose wheels of 220 mm in diameter do not bow to off (as we might think) may at any off time (without special processing) to pass an obstacle through four propellers located at the center thereof. Next resistance, B has been designed to last through its wheels and flexible and its polycarbonate body propellers. Continue reading B go beyond: a hybrid between the remote and the car quadricopter

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EA Voted “Worst Firm In America”, COO Blames Conservatives

With companies like Halliburton in the running is far-fetched and more about a conservative agenda over EA’s acceptance of LGBT employee former Microsoft and Sega man Peter Moore, also known as the man who killed the Dreamcast thinks EA’s newly minted title as “Worst company in America” is less an accurate reflection of reality which to be fairs.

We’re seeing posts on conservative web sites urging people to protest our LGBT policy by voting EA the Worst Company in America, the EA exec explained. That last one is particularly telling. If that’s what makes us the worst company, bring it on. Because we’re not caving on that. Continue reading EA Voted “Worst Firm In America”, COO Blames Conservatives

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Completely new Soyuz course cuts travel time for you to ISS by two nights to six hours

Typically, a trip from Earth to the ISS takes about 2 days. a Soyuz pills docked with the orbiting clinical after less than six hours of airline flight time, setting a list. Accelerating the actual trip wasn’t a concern of more modern technology or higher powerful engines, necessarily, however of much better math in addition to planning. The Russian vehicle primarily took the shortcut which required exactly timed steering over the course of four orbits, putting a few crew associates (including just one American astronaut) on the space station at 10: 28pm ET – just five hours and 45 minutes following takeoff from Kazakhstan.

Russian engineers are actually looking at methods to trim more hours off the actual trip, by slicing two far more orbits through the route. Obviously the actual human shipment appreciates wasting less time in the cramped quarters in the Soyuz. But getting equipment in addition to materials regarding experiments to the ISS quicker must also yield better plus much more reliable technological results. Only a few clips connected with liftoff along with the docking itself browse the NASA link inside source. Continue reading Completely new Soyuz course cuts travel time for you to ISS by two nights to six hours

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iRobot has introduced a new robot vacuum cleaner for swimming pools

iRobot has introduced a new robot
iRobot has received an international reputation for robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba, Looj Gutter Cleaners and machine for cleaning floors Scooba. Recently, the company announced a new robot for cleaning swimming pools – Mirra 530.

Mirra 530 is designed for use in underground basins. The robot dispenses with hoses and booster pumps. Furthermore, it is independent of the pool filtration system, which saves electricity.

Once in the water, Mirra 530 evaluates the status and parameters of the pool, chooses the most efficient cleaning cycle and only then gets to work. Continue reading iRobot has introduced a new robot vacuum cleaner for swimming pools

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Flying drone Secom: invisible guardian of order

Flying drone Secom
Currently, modern cameras have too many flaws. For example, the so-called “dead zones” that the camera can not capture the shooting scene. Secom Company has developed a flying drone dosed with cameras, which will be the perfect guard.

Police did not miss a fly past him. It is noteworthy that the new product by the laser sensor can track moving objects, while not forgetting the distance, unnoticed. Continue reading Flying drone Secom: invisible guardian of order

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Smart roads will be safer than cars

We used to believe that traffic safety is limited only by such an unreliable vehicle, like a car, but the Dutch design team believes that the road is no less active role. Therefore, it offers a number of interesting ideas that should provide more security while driving.

Glowing Lines concept draws inspiration from the “cat’s eye”, which are often used in the equipment of European roads, but instead of glass beads that reflect headlights at night, to use luminescent paint, glow, which is continuing for ten hours. Continue reading Smart roads will be safer than cars

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Demand for Notebooks in the quarter remained weak

Indicators of the financial report for the third quarter, Intel reflect slowing notebook market, due to the growing consumer interest in smartphones and tablets. Given the fact that the company Apple, Microsoft and Google will soon release a new tablet models, Taiwanese representatives of the supply chain are confident that demand for laptops may not perk up until the first quarter of next year.

According to reports, on October 23, Apple will release a tablet iPad Mini with a screen size of 7.85 inches, which will cost 250 euros. It is assumed that the tablets Microsoft Surface RT will be launched simultaneously with the new version of Windows, that is, on October 26. Continue reading Demand for Notebooks in the quarter remained weak

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AT&T will connect to the wireless network bikes

The telecommunications company AT&T together with the organization equips Social Bicycles rental bikes built GPS-navigators with a connection to the wireless network AT&T. It is done to secure the two-wheeler theft or parking in the wrong place.

In addition, smartphone users will be able to use a special application to find nearby parking, order and unlock rental bikes. Two-wheeled vehicle designed for urban walking.

Application can be used to calculate the number of calories burned, money saved, and viewing statistics to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
Continue reading AT&T will connect to the wireless network bikes

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CAMER: ing – compact digital camera in the ring

Technology of photo and video are actively developing, that mobile phones have already learned to shoot in the same high quality as the cameras, and cameras have become so small that it can fit a few pieces at a glance. It’s time to think about innovation and in the form decided by the concept CAMER: ing, is a camera that is worn on the finger. As a ring.

The author of the concept CAMER: ing became a designer by the name of Jen Yenvon (Jeon Yengwon), he believes that modern cameras person makes too many unnecessary movements. Continue reading CAMER: ing – compact digital camera in the ring

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A price for Samsung Smart TV ES9000

Unveiled at IFA, the new ES9000 Samsung Smart TV offers a diagonal of 75 “with a Full HD 1920 × 1080 and the System Edge LED backlight with Micro Dimming technology that Ultimate can control the light exposure times of 4 zones independently.

The ES9000 has a thickness of 7.9 mm, a dual processor heart and also embeds an HD webcam with two built-in microphones, WiFi AllShare, Smart TV all functions, access to Samsung Smart Hub with 400 downloadable Continue reading A price for Samsung Smart TV ES9000

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Xbox 360 will broadcast the landing on Mars Curiosity

A few months ago, NASA sent to Mars, a fully automated rover Curiosity. Landing on the Red Planet rover is scheduled for Monday morning (EST). Xbox 360 owners will be able to watch this event live on their TV screen.

As the resource Major Nelson, Microsoft has added to the Xbox 360 dashboard special section called the Mars Rover, which console users will find additional information about the Mars rover mission, Curiosity, which is within the next two years will be to seek life on Mars. Continue reading Xbox 360 will broadcast the landing on Mars Curiosity

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Sony Playstation 4

All Sony Playstation game players and fans are so exclamation and waiting for PS4. There are Rumours and gosips About Some playstation 4 release date.
For years there is to WAR Between Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation named: Console Wars. As we know Microsoft Works on new Xbox at the other side is working on sony playstation 4 too. There are rumors sourced sony playstation 4 release date About 2012 points.
Its interesting to see Sony adds body movement controls to Playstation 4 as core features. We know these controls as Microsoft Xbox Continue reading Sony Playstation 4

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Microsoft Windows Phone to the sentence, the Xbox in fall

Microsoft has just released its figures for the third fiscal quarter. And the numbers are quite good. Redmond says in effect that its revenue is up 6% to 17.41 billion dollars and recording a profit of 5.11 billion. Well beyond the 17.18 billion expected by the market.
This is the pro division that allows such an increase. The business division sign up in revenues of 9% to $ 5.81 billion, and the Windows division represents $ 4.62 billion profit.
Still, the entertainment division is struggling in this fiscal year for Microsoft. Indeed, with the Xbox 360 sales rising to 1.4 million consoles sold against 2.7 million last year at this time (although the 360 is the console that sells the best), Microsoft posted a 16% drop in its entertainment sector. The fault also Windows phones that are struggling to impose.
A drop logic. The slowdown in the Xbox 360 is quite normal. The console nearing the end of life attracted more consumers now expect the next generation. Especially to two months of E3 where Redmond could introduce its new console (which would still be amazing). In addition, Windows phones are handicapped by the upcoming release of Windows 8, while Redmond is not clear on the fact of compatibility with Win 7 WP 8. Microsoft is therefore within the scope of consumer expectations about new products of the firm, and the results of next year with the same period could well be very different.

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