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Nokia soon brings smartphone with 16 lens technology from Pelican

Nokia smartphone 16 lens technology Pelican
Since then, the Nokia Lumia smartphones presented, was actually clear what the focus of the devices goes. They want to offer the best camera in a smartphone and has confirmed this again with the Lumia 925th Now the question is, where do we go. According to various rumors, this trip is a pretty exciting journey.

Pelican has a camera module that is presented some time ago, which consists of 16 elements. These are arranged in a 4 x 4 and each row rectangle takes on a color. Why then is it 4? It’s simple: Then it is still possible to adjust the focus after the fact.

That is, each row is focused on another object and thereby but still created a complete picture. In addition, the noise is to be reduced by this technology. Continue reading Nokia soon brings smartphone with 16 lens technology from Pelican

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TechJet Dragonfly – perfect spy

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Institute of Technology) have created a robotic dragonfly that is placed in the palm. As befits a winged insect, dragonfly easily can fly and hover in the air. Scope of the robot – aerial photography, games and espionage. USAF allocated to finance the project $ 1 million.

The researchers chose a dragonfly for its predatory behavior. Fast flying insect has a high maneuverability and good vision in one word – perfect scout. So on the idea of ​​creators and must be TechJet Dragonfly. Continue reading TechJet Dragonfly – perfect spy

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WD WD20NPVT – Notebook hard disk drives for laptops are not

In Japan, the market appeared hard drive WD WD20NPVT, referring to a series of Green. The drive is a record of hard disk size 2.5 inches and boasts an impressive capacity of 2 TB. A distinctive feature of this HDD is its thickness, which is 15 mm instead of the standard 9 mm, that will not allow to put it in most laptops. The specifications on the new official website says: The use of laptops is not provided. Designed for PCs and external drives self-assembly. This thickness of the device, probably due to the use of four 500GB platters, each. Continue reading WD WD20NPVT – Notebook hard disk drives for laptops are not

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CANYON is a line of computer accessories Stealth Series

CANYON, one of the fastest growing brands in the European market for consumer electronics and peripherals, today announced the start of sales in Russia, a series of computer accessories CANYON Stealth Series. The new line includes three models of headphones, four models of computer mouse, portable speaker system, Continue reading CANYON is a line of computer accessories Stealth Series

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Bose unveils VideoWave II

Bose has unveiled its new entertainment system all in one: the VideoWave II. The device combines an HD screen and a HiFi system for easier installation and greater ease of use. Available in two sizes, 46 “or 55”, the Video Wave is equipped with a screen full HD 1080p LED backlit. The speakers are built right into the screen, and everything comes with a small box for the connection.
Continue reading Bose unveils VideoWave II

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Announced laptop-transformer Fujitsu Lifebook T 902

Japanese company Fujitsu has demonstrated its new hybrid device – a cross between a laptop and Tablet PC Lifebook T902. This transformer has a permanently affixed QWERTY-keyboard and screen, has touch-sensitive surface and able to rotate 180 degrees. Thanks to this simple manipulation of a laptop into a tablet.
Continue reading Announced laptop-transformer Fujitsu Lifebook T 902

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Study: Smartphones people need not to call

Smartphones News, Demand for smart phones is increasing worldwide at an alarming rate – it is an obvious fact. They have even bought real blondes, not created by nature to interact with such a complex technology. So why are these devices that are about to displace the market with mobile phones? To make calls and write SMS-messages? As it turned out, not: according to a recent study in smartphones are most often used is the secondary function.

Under the minor features in this case means all but the calls and messages – games, online surfing, photography, yes everything, even the navigation! The study conducted Western telecom operator O2. He found that the average owner of a modern communicator uses his more than two hours a day. Approximately 25 minutes away on his Web browsing. Then there are the social media, music and games, which spent 17.5, 15.5 and 14.5 minutes respectively. Phone calls are not honorable fifth place with a score of only 12 minutes. MobileDevice notes that the rating is not limited to only five positions, and voice communication, fortunately, is not the last. After them followed the order of e-mails, text messages, watching online TV shows and movies and pictures with the camera.

54% of surveyed smartphone users said they use it also as an alarm clock, but it is clear that this device works as a very short time. We also add that for about half of those who use the communicators, they are also substitutes for wristwatches. Average duration of calls decreased by 50% since 2005 – people were really less to communicate with each other by voice, almost totally going online. And this, in fact, scary.

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Ford Traffic Jam Assist: Autopilot for movement in a traffic jam (video)

Vehicles with autonomous navigation promises to become a major trend in the market for personal vehicles. On technology machines with many automakers are working autopilot, research laboratories and even the company Google. However, they all recognize that this system will be efficient enough for at least 10-15 years, are estimated to Ford until the middle twenties, drivers will no longer drive a car and turn into a passenger behind the wheel.

But that does not mean that today’s motorists could not touch the bright future, some functions of machines with the autopilot available today. A striking evidence of a new system for Ford Traffic Jam Assist. As the name implies, is an intelligent assistant that automates the movement of the car in traffic. It’s things torment – driving at a snail’s speed, so even with stops every five to ten meters. Especially, that special driving skills, these conditions do not require.

Therefore, Ford Traffic Jam Assist with camera and radar assesses the situation in the immediate vicinity of the car and completely takes control of it, based on these data. The system monitors steering and speed, allowing the driver to sit back and take care of business. Installed on the car Traffic Jam Assist sensors have a wide field of action, it means that the machine will have time to slow down, if some reckless driver suddenly be reconstructed from the neighboring strip and stand in front of the car.

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Sony Playstation 4

All Sony Playstation game players and fans are so exclamation and waiting for PS4. There are Rumours and gosips About Some playstation 4 release date.
For years there is to WAR Between Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation named: Console Wars. As we know Microsoft Works on new Xbox at the other side is working on sony playstation 4 too. There are rumors sourced sony playstation 4 release date About 2012 points.
Its interesting to see Sony adds body movement controls to Playstation 4 as core features. We know these controls as Microsoft Xbox Continue reading Sony Playstation 4

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Kodak PlaySport ZX5 Waterproof HD Windows Pocket Video Camera

Kodak PlaySport ZX5 Waterproof HD Windows Pocket Video Camera, Whether you are looking for quality video to record in nature, to call attention to the conditioning of your computer. In most cases, camcorders and cameras are not able to handle the difficult working conditions you may wish to put it on. But through the power of this camcorder from Kodak PlaySport can not only handle every environment, but capture it all in 1080. Continue reading Kodak PlaySport ZX5 Waterproof HD Windows Pocket Video Camera

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The New Technology Panasonic VT30 Series

The New Panasonic  3D Viera series of 3D TVs are renowned for their amazing color quality and the depths of their blacks. There also known for their ability to cut down on what is known as cross talk or ghosting of 3D images. Continue reading The New Technology Panasonic VT30 Series

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The New Phone Google Nexus S

The New Phone Google Nexus S features a 4 inch wvga super amoled capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, and 235ppi, and a 1GHz Cortex A8 hummingbird processor, and it runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread. features a rather swish curved 4inch , runs off a 1Ghz Cortex A8 ‘Hummingbird’ processor, and will be the first phone to ship with the latest version of Android, 2.3 aka Gingerbread, a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor Continue reading The New Phone Google Nexus S

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New Pentax 645D

The New Pentax 645D Digital camera has been developed to provide super high resolution images produced by large image sensors, full frame 35mm, cropped 35mm, micro four thirds, mirrorless 35mm, and digital 645. you’ll also find links to recent reviews and comparisons and, as always, purchases made through links on our pages support the growing staff at the phoblographer, read on for the best dslrs Continue reading New Pentax 645D

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