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Twitter complicate access to user accounts

According to the Guardian, Twitter may introduce two-factor user authentication. This news comes just days after breaking 250,000 accounts in the social network.

The system provides two-factor authentication to block access to the user account, even if correct, the combination of a user name and password. Under the new rules, the user will have to enter an additional security code, which is issued by the company or generates the device that you are logged into Twitter. The system will send a notice of attempted burglary to the account holder. Continue reading Twitter complicate access to user accounts

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BlackBerry 10 comes to start with 70,000 apps

BlackBerry 10 comes to start with 70,000 apps
BlackBerry is just before BlackBerry 10, and a great story with a new operating system such as this are of course the available apps. Undoubtedly, these are not about how many apps you have available, but what apps you have on offer.

With BlackBerry you have probably a lot of work put into it and really most of the top developers get them on board. Among them with great surprise is WhatsApp, but also Skype, Facebook, Foursquare, Amazon Kindle, Evernote, Twitter, LinkedIn and some games from EA, Gameloft, Disney and Angry Birds. Great thing BlackBerry, so it can really be with BlackBerry 10 is still something and I hope that they will find many takers.

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Twitter client Falcon Pro appeared in Version 1.4


The Twitter client Falcon Pro has been released some time ago and since then, the Android client also get some updates. In the community is the client also arrived pretty good and is used by many. Today Falcon Pro now get another update and is now available in version 1.4. As a major innovation, he brings an integration of the YouTube API. Here it is quite possible that you can watch YouTube videos within the app without the separate YouTube app opens. Continue reading Twitter client Falcon Pro appeared in Version 1.4

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Spotify announces full news

Discovery at its conference, Spotify has advanced a lot of figures about its progress in the music streaming market. Thus, we learned that a billion playlist are now available on the service. In addition, Spotify was proud to announce that 5 million users chose the unlimited plan (ie pay) including 1 million in the U.S. over 20 million in total. The beneficiaries are not left behind, despite the criticism, with more than 500 million returns since the launch of the service is 70% of income.

But the real ads are far more important, and directs the service to sociability. The first announcement is the launch of a new personalized recommendation system for new artists, just like the radios that already existed. Continue reading Spotify announces full news

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Guru Damian Dinning photos leaving the company Nokia

Chapter fotootdela Nokia has decided to leave the company. Damien Dunning will leave his post on November 30.

Mr. Dunning joined Nokia in April 2004, where he worked on mobile devices Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 920. His departure from the company came as a surprise to senior management Nokia. British representation Nokia commented the situation Continue reading Guru Damian Dinning photos leaving the company Nokia

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Nokia 109 – one of the most affordable phones Finnish company

A little more than a week after the announcement of the most affordable smartphone series Lumia, Nokia has introduced another innovation – one of its cheapest phones. The device, called the Nokia 109 will be in stores in the current quarter in China, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region at the price of $ 42 (excluding taxes and charges).

As its name and cost, equipment Nokia 109 is very modest. Thus, in the configuration of the device is a color 1.8-inch screen resolution of 128 x 160 pixels, FM-receiver, slot for memory cards microSD. Continue reading Nokia 109 – one of the most affordable phones Finnish company

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Instagram 3.1.0 update for Android improves recovery passwords

Update the popular Instagram app for Android, is designed to enhance photos, and to share them with friends. Application provides open access to its tape photos of a certain number of people. Thus, the tape may contain images as pictures of familiar people, and creative people from all over the world. Before placing images in share can be processed in the program, by effects. There is also a simple means for publishing images on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Posterous.

The latest release improves the function of password recovery. Continue reading Instagram 3.1.0 update for Android improves recovery passwords

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Motorola also troll iOS Maps

According to Samsung, Nokia, now is Motorola Mobility (Google) just troll on iOS Maps! Indeed, on his Twitter account, the American manufacturer has launched

Obviously this tweet is followed by a beautiful visual here … As a reminder, since its release on iOS 6, Maps made ​​in Apple never stops getting mock on the web by its competitors, who this time n ‘not entirely wrong. But as Apple said yesterday, Continue reading Motorola also troll iOS Maps

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IFA 2012 : Samsung introduced the Galaxy Camera on Android

Most (if not all) smartphones have their own camera. But Samsung Galaxy Camera – is something else. This is the first camera phone with high-class optics. The device combines the functions of a modern smartphone or media player and offers a 4.8-inch touchscreen LCD display, working under the operating system Android.

Galaxy Camera allows you to not only take pictures but also edit them directly on the device, and then upload to Facebook, Twitter or any social network via WiFi, 3G or 4G connection. Continue reading IFA 2012 : Samsung introduced the Galaxy Camera on Android

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Smart shirt tshirtOS with LED display

We live in the XXI century and still wear T-shirts with the usual static pictures, glued or sewn. The future is in some sense, already happened, so even textile goods would have time to become electronic. A simple drawings should be changed to the animated. With this fully agree engineers CuteCircuit, submitted a draft tshirtOS.

The system, called a T-shirt tshirtOS equipped with an LED display which can display a variety of information such as status updates on Twitter and Facebook, or even pictures on the tape Instagram. This means that the user can easily take pictures and they’ll be displayed in a single stream. Continue reading Smart shirt tshirtOS with LED display

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Text Band Wrist Watch for local messaging (video)

Not only are young people and adults, but kids today love to communicate in text format, be it SMS, email, Twitter or any other tools. Hallmark Company offered to the youngest customers an alternative solution to Text Band, both more convenient and more uncomfortable than traditional means of electronic dialogue.
Continue reading Text Band Wrist Watch for local messaging (video)

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Twitter : more targeted advertising

Advertisers will be able to better target their audience with sponsored tweets on Twitter.

On Twitter, sponsored tweets are messages that an advertiser has decided to disseminate to a wider audience. Advertisers will now be able to better target their sponsored tweets. Continue reading Twitter : more targeted advertising

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