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Metal Gear Rising – Konami abandons the Xbox 360 in Japan

Through a press release classic Konami announces abandoned the release of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Xbox 360 in Japan. A blow to the console, which only recover the crumbs of other media.

That we are reassured, Konami immediately confirmed the release of the Xbox 360 version of the game on other continents. Only Japan is so concerned. Specifically, this will have little impact on the Japanese game industry, but it remains a powerful and shows the total disenchantment of a large Japanese publisher for the Xbox 360. Continue reading Metal Gear Rising – Konami abandons the Xbox 360 in Japan

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Action Battlefield 3 has a new official addition

Publishing company Electronic Arts has officially announced the release of new downloadable add-on for brick-busting action first-person Battlefield 3, called Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. Knowing the policies of EA and the developers from the studio DICE, it is easy to guess that this update applies only to a fee basis. Distribution, which appeared in the distribution networks Origin (for PC) and Xbox Live, priced at U.S. 15 $.

However, you can purchase psevdobesplatnogo Battlefield 3: Close Quarters: in these circumstances, it will get to those who bought the game Battlefield 3 in the Premium version for 50 $, which included the possibility of downloading five official add-ons, including Close Quarters. MobileDevice believes that the addon is completely up to its name, because instead of large open spaces will have to fight in close quarters. This is a completely different gameplay, so players should enjoy it. For those who still do not like the corridors and other components of buildings, can destroy them literally to the stone – the developers have fulfilled their promise and created a new system of total destrakta.

Total players will be invited to four new slot location. In addition, he will receive ten new weapons and, accordingly, ammunition for them. The next addition to the Battlefield 3 will be a project called Armored Kill. For details about him, of course, were not disclosed, but gamers expect something new, exciting and interesting. Armored Kill The distribution will be available for download on all platforms on which the original game came out already in the third quarter of this year.

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