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Nokia Lumia developing for Android

Nokia Plan B was kept in reserve in case Windows Phone was not the platform of choice for the manufacturer out of pap. And this for a rainy day was none other than Android!

Sources told the New York Times that Nokia was developing a Lumia Android. Better Terminal worked indeed. The acquisition of the mobile branch of the Microsoft enterprise project ended this adventure that could lead to some very interesting devices. Stephen Elop, the former CEO of Nokia, however, had said after the signing of the “strategic partnership” with the editor of Windows Phone, Android had been removed from the final choice. The pretender Steve Ballmer had explained that Nokia had less chance to distinguish themselves from the competition (read: Samsung) if using Android. Continue reading Nokia Lumia developing for Android

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Microsoft reiterates of which House windows 8 can view small(er) equipment soon

What exactly is a great outgoing Microsoft management to accomplish on his / her final cash flow phone since CFO? Complete anything that’d most likely find the inward bound CFO fired. Kiddingthe around besides, the outfit’s unique Peter Klein saw match to help reiterate anything .

read in 03 which Glass windows 8 is actually meant for scaled-down units. Currently, there isn’t a Glass windows 8-based state available southern region of 10-inches, yet since Apple company, ASUS, Search engines in addition to Samsung are finding, individuals tend to just like capsules which might be held having a one give. Continue reading Microsoft reiterates of which House windows 8 can view small(er) equipment soon

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The new concept of a smartphone Surface Phone with flexible display and 16-megapixel camera

Despite the fact that the operating system Windows Phone from Microsoft and installed in a fairly powerful smartphones, these devices iron stuffing can not compete with tops based on Android. Even though Microsoft itself has not commented on questions about whether presented their own smartphone, the new concept of amateur Surface Phone says that in the near future, the balance of power can change. Continue reading The new concept of a smartphone Surface Phone with flexible display and 16-megapixel camera

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Asus soon with its own Windows Phone in the Padfone concept

Asus is a Taiwanese manufacturer that has been in the tablet and smartphone market tended to focus on Android devices. From the Windows Phone area they were so far out completely, this will soon change. According to an interview with a representative of Asus Asus seems to be interested about building a Windows Phone. There is still no date for it of course, but the whole thing sounds pretty interesting at times only. Especially when it creates the Asus Padfone concept with the Windows Phone to connect system.

Whether the current Windows 8 is possible, I think it is pretty unrealistic. Windows Phone 8 also supports only a limited number of display sizes. And this is in Windows Blue is possible, which is Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 merge more and more. Continue reading Asus soon with its own Windows Phone in the Padfone concept

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Mobile Ubuntu: new leader in the market

Canonical announces Ubuntu for smartphones
As expected, the company has officially announced the Canonical Ubuntu operating system for smartphones. Ubuntu mobile platform is a typical representative of a class of free software based on the Linux kernel, and existing drivers. It does not use a virtual machine Java. , Canonical also announced that Ubuntu Mobile Platform supports the ARM architecture and x86.

Ubuntu platform will be the basis for budget smartphones, and for models higher price segment. A major strength of the mobile OS Ubuntu is multitasking. The user interface has several features that distinguish among mobile Ubuntu OS Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Is to provide special gestures that play a role in navigation. Users can easily manage the four sides of the screen, switching between applications. Continue reading Mobile Ubuntu: new leader in the market

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Gwen Stefani crazy about Windows Phone 8

Not only Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba), and can not live a day without the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone operating system Windows Phone 8. In advertising, the new operating system from Microsoft also starred famous American singer Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani).

Unlike Jessica, which favors the decision of the Finnish company Nokia, Mrs. Gwen more “likes Taiwanese” and uses the smartphone HTC 8X. In the television commercial of 32 seconds shows how indispensable in the life of Gwen is a smartphone HTC 8X running Windows Phone 8: writing lyrics for songs, preparations for the concerts, news from the world of fashion and show business, etc. Continue reading Gwen Stefani crazy about Windows Phone 8

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November 1 Media Markt will supply Nokia Lumia 920 and 820

MediaMarkt, Germany’s largest retailer, said on its Web site, the date of receipt of smartphones Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 in the sale. WP8-controlled devices include stores for 649 euros (840 dollars) and 449 euros (582 dollars), respectively (including tax). Both smartphones will debut on the third day after the release of the operating system Windows Phone 8.

Exit Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 on the other markets do not necessarily coincide with the European date. In America, the two devices can appear later. For example, HTC Windows Phone 8X based on the same operating system will debut in the U.S. on November 14 (through operator T-Mobile). Continue reading November 1 Media Markt will supply Nokia Lumia 920 and 820

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Nokia Lumia M : Metal Mobile phone

Nokia Lumia M, Metal Mobile phone Designer by the name of Michael Schroeder (Michael Schroder) introduced the concept of the smartphone series Nokia Lumia, made in the case of aluminum, not polycarbonate, which has become a tradition for the Finnish manufacturer. Model is called Nokia Lumia M, the letter «M» in the name probably represents metal. In terms of appearance, this smartphone is very similar to a camera phone N8.

Specifications Nokia Lumia M standard for today’s smartphones, it is based on dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 with a gigabyte of RAM. The operating system is a new Windows Phone 8, Continue reading Nokia Lumia M : Metal Mobile phone

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Nokia introduced the fashion for wireless charging

Today, the Finnish company Nokia has officially unveiled the next generation of smartphones running the operating system Windows Phone. The highlight of the steel Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. The main feature of two new mobile devices is to support wireless charging.

Nokia also announced four compatible accessory and expressed consent of the two partner companies to do the popularization of wireless charging stations (Virgin Atlantic and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf). In addition, the Finnish manufacturer has introduced its first Bluetooth-headset with wireless charging. Continue reading Nokia introduced the fashion for wireless charging

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BlackBerry Elegance on Android with Berry UI

The two most powerful manufacturer of mobile devices, Nokia and RIM (brand BlackBerry) now facing serious difficulties, forcing them to radically change its strategy. So, Nokia had to go to Camp Windows Phone hoping to improve their business, but what do you do RIM? One of the options for future development for the Canadian manufacturer may be entering the market for smartphones running Google Android, the idea developed in the concept of BlackBerry Elegance.
Continue reading BlackBerry Elegance on Android with Berry UI

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Microsoft Windows Phone to the sentence, the Xbox in fall

Microsoft has just released its figures for the third fiscal quarter. And the numbers are quite good. Redmond says in effect that its revenue is up 6% to 17.41 billion dollars and recording a profit of 5.11 billion. Well beyond the 17.18 billion expected by the market.
This is the pro division that allows such an increase. The business division sign up in revenues of 9% to $ 5.81 billion, and the Windows division represents $ 4.62 billion profit.
Still, the entertainment division is struggling in this fiscal year for Microsoft. Indeed, with the Xbox 360 sales rising to 1.4 million consoles sold against 2.7 million last year at this time (although the 360 is the console that sells the best), Microsoft posted a 16% drop in its entertainment sector. The fault also Windows phones that are struggling to impose.
A drop logic. The slowdown in the Xbox 360 is quite normal. The console nearing the end of life attracted more consumers now expect the next generation. Especially to two months of E3 where Redmond could introduce its new console (which would still be amazing). In addition, Windows phones are handicapped by the upcoming release of Windows 8, while Redmond is not clear on the fact of compatibility with Win 7 WP 8. Microsoft is therefore within the scope of consumer expectations about new products of the firm, and the results of next year with the same period could well be very different.

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