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Sony confirms that the DualShock 4 is compatible with Windows ‘basic functions’

Sony the DualShock 4 Windows
Gaming News: The One Xbox and PS4 will be pocketing almost secret until they launch their days (and maybe even then too), so it is not surprising that we have now learned a new tidbit, hitherto unknown, related to the new darling of Sony. Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios for SCE, has confirmed via Twitter, you catch it after the jump-command of the PS4 will support Windows for use in “core functions”.

Yoshida did not want to expand much more this information, pointing in their own social network “buttons and joysticks work perfectly” and that there will be new data after launch, so it is unknown whether the detection of the DualShock 4 will be automatically or if you require the use of additional drivers to help this possibility. That said, keep reporting … when they decide to speak again.

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Microsoft reiterates of which House windows 8 can view small(er) equipment soon

What exactly is a great outgoing Microsoft management to accomplish on his / her final cash flow phone since CFO? Complete anything that’d most likely find the inward bound CFO fired. Kiddingthe around besides, the outfit’s unique Peter Klein saw match to help reiterate anything .

read in 03 which Glass windows 8 is actually meant for scaled-down units. Currently, there isn’t a Glass windows 8-based state available southern region of 10-inches, yet since Apple company, ASUS, Search engines in addition to Samsung are finding, individuals tend to just like capsules which might be held having a one give. Continue reading Microsoft reiterates of which House windows 8 can view small(er) equipment soon

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Skype with regard to Windows 8 performance improvements

The update’s available skype in Windows 8 Store, so what are you waiting for It’s been a few months since the last update, and this revision brings more features to the table, including contact blocking and a slew of performance tweaks. Those of you using Skype in Windows 8 will be happy to know that Microsoft’s just bumped the app to version 1.6. You’re now able to block users, with an option to remove or report the offending party.

Speed and reliability have been improved, especially when loading contacts, and a number of bugs have been fixed, including one where the outgoing video was not always displayed after switching cameras. Continue reading Skype with regard to Windows 8 performance improvements

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The new concept of a smartphone Surface Phone with flexible display and 16-megapixel camera

Despite the fact that the operating system Windows Phone from Microsoft and installed in a fairly powerful smartphones, these devices iron stuffing can not compete with tops based on Android. Even though Microsoft itself has not commented on questions about whether presented their own smartphone, the new concept of amateur Surface Phone says that in the near future, the balance of power can change. Continue reading The new concept of a smartphone Surface Phone with flexible display and 16-megapixel camera

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LG Slider with Windows 8 at CES 2013

LG Slider with Windows 8 at CES 2013
Tomorrow we go to Las Vegas and stay in advance, of course, not all devices will be presented secret. LG on the other hand is the official way and has now been presented to the court in Vorgeld Tab Book H160. Diest is a mixture of tablet and notebook, or more precisely to a tablet with an extendable keyboard.

Pleasing thing is that it does not come with the Windows stripped RT operating system but with a real Windows 8 and an Intel i5 CPU. By default, however, is an Intel Atom Z2760 be installed. Continue reading LG Slider with Windows 8 at CES 2013

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Apple Releases iTunes 11 for OSX and Windows

On the presentation of the iPhone 5 Apple first showed the latest iTunes version 11 Now the new versions available after a delay of about a month. Which can be downloaded for Windows un-OSX users immediately. The new features include a revised interface, a mini player and improved integration with iCloud. In addition, the software has gained a lot of speed, so it is now in this regard should not be any complaints.

Who wants to look at the latest version, Continue reading Apple Releases iTunes 11 for OSX and Windows

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Acer introduced the mini-desktop Aspire ME and XC

Acer company is preparing for full release of the new operating system Windows 8, letting computers meant for it. This time the company has released no candy bars, and the traditional system units, somewhat reduced in size. The new model is called Aspire ME and XC, it is quite powerful machines.

Acer Aspire ME model is positioned as the eldest in a duet, it is equipped with an Intel Core i5 or Core i7, RAM up to 10 GB (can later be expanded to 16 GB), the maximum amount of hard drive is 2 TB, Continue reading Acer introduced the mini-desktop Aspire ME and XC

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Firefox for Windows 8 in the Modern UI for download

Firefox is hands down the most popular browser in Poland and one in Europe. Meanwhile, looming large on the Prime Minister and the new Windows 8 interface Modern UI. Probably many of you are willing fox variant for the home screen, right? Meanwhile, Mozilla has released its own browser, just as the night issue that shaven for Modern UI in eight!

Mozilla already in February this year announced their own plans for Firefox in terms of adapting the home screen of Windows 8, then known as the Metro, and now Modern UI. After all, Google is the first issued this type of browser windows for the new Microsoft. Continue reading Firefox for Windows 8 in the Modern UI for download

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Google introduced Chrome browser 21

Recently, an official release of new version of Chrome browser at number 21. The company Google, which is the developer, has equipped its web-based set of useful features, which competitors are probably not even aware. What’s so special about Chrome 21 – talk about it further.
Continue reading Google introduced Chrome browser 21

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Microsoft Windows Phone to the sentence, the Xbox in fall

Microsoft has just released its figures for the third fiscal quarter. And the numbers are quite good. Redmond says in effect that its revenue is up 6% to 17.41 billion dollars and recording a profit of 5.11 billion. Well beyond the 17.18 billion expected by the market.
This is the pro division that allows such an increase. The business division sign up in revenues of 9% to $ 5.81 billion, and the Windows division represents $ 4.62 billion profit.
Still, the entertainment division is struggling in this fiscal year for Microsoft. Indeed, with the Xbox 360 sales rising to 1.4 million consoles sold against 2.7 million last year at this time (although the 360 is the console that sells the best), Microsoft posted a 16% drop in its entertainment sector. The fault also Windows phones that are struggling to impose.
A drop logic. The slowdown in the Xbox 360 is quite normal. The console nearing the end of life attracted more consumers now expect the next generation. Especially to two months of E3 where Redmond could introduce its new console (which would still be amazing). In addition, Windows phones are handicapped by the upcoming release of Windows 8, while Redmond is not clear on the fact of compatibility with Win 7 WP 8. Microsoft is therefore within the scope of consumer expectations about new products of the firm, and the results of next year with the same period could well be very different.

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