The fastest supercomputer in the world is now Chinese

It is called Tianhe-2 or milky-2, it is Chinese and is located in the “University of Defense Technology.” He was named the fastest supercomputer in the world by the “Top 500”, a ranking of supercomputers established collectively by the Universities of Mannheim in Germany, Knoxville, Tennessee, and the Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States.

The machine has a computing power of 33.86 petaflop / s, with 3.1 million of core Intel processors. The founder of Santa Clara team each 16,000 “nodes”, two Ivy Bridge Xeon and Xeon Phi three. This allows the new supercomputer to be almost twice as efficient as the former leader of the Titan located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which culminates at “only” 17.59 Petaflop / s.

To give some idea of the power you have to know that PS4 will issue 1.83 Teraflop / s, 1.83 x 10 ^ 12 operations per second, where the Tianhe-2 has 33.86 x 10 ^ 15 operations . The beast will consume 17.8 megawatts at its commissioning in two years. We do know, however, what it will not.

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