The iPad Mini for November 2

On 23 October, ie Tuesday, the iPad Mini will likely be presented. Real sea serpent years, the miniaturized version of the iPad has not even officially exist. Only leaks have allowed us to see what would look like the Apple machine.

But a few days before the presentation, the rumors about touchscreen slate continue to feed the web, and as often is the site 9to5mac which is the origin of the rumor of the day. Depending on the site, revealed information on his Twitter account, the next device from Apple would come out on November 2.

A realistic, given the imminent presentation of the tablet. 9to5mac does not take too much risk, never knowing that Apple is soon to leave its products after their presentations. In short, another rumor about the iPad Mini, and shortly before his presentation. After that, it will be high time for the website to update the dissemination of rumors about the iPad 4.

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