The New Samsung Galaxy S6: both sides would be curved

Rumors accumulate around the Galaxy S6 and begin to seriously diverge. We would now have right to a single model which both sides would be curved.
Two Galaxy S6, including an Edge version? Actually no, if we are to believe the sources described as “reliable” the Italian HDblog site which has already had some information in preview in the past.
The “Edge” of the future flaship would actually be the only model presented by Samsung. Unlike Galaxy Note Edge, both sides of the smartphone would be curved, but less clearly on the Edge Note to not assign the holding in hand of the machine explains the site. The thing would more suit both right-handed and left-handed people.

Moreover, and this is an equally important novelty, the chassis of the phone would be carved from a single block of aluminum. It is a recurrent rumor but it becomes a bit more credible this year with the arrival of the Alpha Galaxy, which has however that borders aluminum, the rear side remaining plastic.
However a problem it should be noted before taking this rumor for cash: the use of this material involves no doubt some supply difficulties, and the applies also to the curved screen. Samsung already having trouble enough plates for his Note Edge – out yet a small series – how the firm will be able to produce millions of copies of S6?
Samsung would however a little time to it since the Italians assert that the smartphone will be presented during the second quarter, a date a more credible than that of these advanced yesterday.

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