Toyota i-Road, a curious electric tricycle leaning like a motorcycle

Toyota i-Road motorcycle
Every year around this time the major automakers agree to make us dream cities straight out of the dreams of Syd Mead and other visionaries. The Geneva Motor Show gives us a good look at the cars of the future sometimes more imaginary than real, but in the case of i-Road Toyota, seems a little more than vaguely feasible.

This kind of three-wheeled electric scooter and two seats will get a bit of a tangent to what is usually expected in a motor show, which does not mean that meaningless, given the interest that are awakening these vehicles of urban. Conceived as a possible rival for the Nissan Land Glider, the i-Road (can we please establish a moratorium on the indiscriminate use of the prefix letter i?) Has two 2kW electric motors installed inside the front wheels, whose inclination intelligently regulated using gyroscopes. The vehicle is fully enclosed to protect its occupants from the elements (which also prevents the helmet) and clearly committed to the economy rather than by speed, using a battery pack that let you walk up to 50 km between loads (very fast, apparently).

Toyota has not announced by now if you have the slightest intention to develop the i-Road beyond the conceptual stage, but after the jump you’ll find a video that invites you to think of a greener future, silent, and in which apparently no one is familiar with the safety distances.

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