USB-driver Apacer AH 153 and AH137

Assortment of “flash drives” of the company Apacer replenished with two models – AH153 and AH137. Both new products are characterized by the same performance – the outer edges of the body and the cap expands, and the interior, on the contrary, are thawing – this, together with a green or yellow body does drive like a bamboo stalk. The manufacturer believes that this form is not only ergonomic, but also prevents accidental loss of the cap.

Being identical in appearance, drives are coloring (Apacer AH153 – green, AH137 – yellow) connection interface (Apacer AH153 supports USB 3.0, and AH137 is only compatible with USB 2.0) and memory (Apacer AH153 – from 16 to 64 GB, and AH137 – from 4 to 32 GB). Both drives are produced in a COB (Chip On Board) – their memory chips and printed circuit boards are a single unit. As a result, the products feature compact size, 33,4 x 20,2 x 11,3 mm, and resistant to external influences (moisture, dust and drops).

The maximum data rate Apacer AH153 are at 90 MB / s. About speed settings AH137, as the cost of both drives, data yet.

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