Vinci Gadget The Kickstarter that wants to reinvent the headphones

Vinci Smart headphones gadgets Kickstarter promises are not always engraved in marble, but it must be confessed that some people do not lack idea. This is the case of Vinci, a headset controlled by artificial intelligence that has already raised over $ 280,000 in donations (the initial request was $ 50,000) on its official page.

A smart headset,The latter presents itself as a hub of your connected world, which simply goes beyond listening to music. Equipped with an accelerometer, a proximity sensor, a gyrometer, a cardiac sensor, a GPS and a compass, it can be controlled by voice and does not need to be connected to the Smartphone. It is therefore ideal for joggers. The sound stops automatically as soon as you remove it from your ears.

You can directly ask him to play music on a playlist (or even a genre) of your repertoire, ask him for your direction, temperature, heart rate, or even reserve a Uber! To do this, you must address him by starting his sentence with “Hey Vinci”. It has 16 or 32GB of storage and a touch screen that allows you to swipe to change songs or increase the volume. The premium model can be recharged wirelessly.

The headphones also have noise reduction technology, which filters out noises from the outside like the noise of cars or the bells of bicycles. It is currently offered at 99 euros (instead of 199 euros). It is obvious that if the device keeps its promises, it will soon be heard again.

Video: Vinci Smart headphones gadgets

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