Xbox 360 arrival of Orange TV with Kinect

April 17, Orange TV will be available on the Microsoft console and change channels can be done by voice or gestures. Explanations.
The application “Orange TV” will be available April 17th on Xbox 360 via Xbox Live and can answer some voice commands and gestural system Kinect. Nothing complicated, though. To start the TV, it suffices to say “Xbox, Orange TV” and then saying “Next” or specify the channel number to switch from one channel to another.
For his arrival on the console, Orange has however provided a program guide to allow the user to navigate, and the ability to program alerts to know when a particular program starts and a parental lock so as to prevent the fall of smaller programs which they would not be used. It is even possible to watch TV while chatant with his contacts.
Only constraint to access this Orange TV on the Xbox 360 have an Xbox LIVE Gold.
Finally, note that the Microsoft console will be distributed in 34 shops in the Orange network of shops and a Special expects the new subscribers. Indeed, until June 6, those who subscribe for the operator to supply LiveBox Zen or LiveBox Star with Orange TV will be eligible for a refund voucher of 119 euros on account of the purchase pack Xbox 360 4GB with Kinect and Xbox LIVE Gold included for 3 months.

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