Xbox One is for 499 €

Xbox One
Microsoft has divulged the most important details about Xbox One at a separate press conference a few days ago before times, but they have the official price and release date still kept secret.

Fortunately, takes place in Los Angeles watching the E3 games conference, on which there is to some news. At the press conference for Xbox namely the one emerged in the run-Price has now been confirmed. You should get for 499 € in the stores from November this year. You can preorder it already now, on Amazon, the price has now been adjusted accordingly.

A bigger surprise was the presentation rather that the Xbox 360 will continue to exist. Now it comes in a third redesign since its launch in November 2005 on the market. The new Xbox 360 is already sent to the retailers and should then be ordered from our customers in the coming days.

So if you just do not want the high-end games gamble, which will still be well served with the “old”. At least you can order GTA 5, Dark Souls 2, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and a new version of World of Tanks play. There is a price for the console not yet, is also not yet known what changes to the design in detail. We keep you informed up to date

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