Zepp Play Football Gadget the connected object that tracks the performance of football

Manufactured by Zepp Gadgets, the new sensor Zepp Play Football allows to transmit in real time its football performances on a smartphone and iPhone or a tablet & iPad.

Discretion, Accuracy, and Performance: The sensor fits into a leg guard provided with, and is placed just behind the calf of the player’s striking leg. Light (7g only) and discreet (33 mm long and 27 mm wide), it collects and analyzes with precision all the physical activities of the player. With an autonomy of 40 hours, the Zepp Play Football can be used several sessions in a row without being recharged. Distance, average speed, sprints, striking force, number of shots, number of passes … all these statistics are sent directly to the player’s smartphone. They are presented intuitively in the application of ZEPP to progress with each training and analyze its performances in match.

A “Team” pack was designed by the manufacturer, allowing a coach to gather data from each player to perform a collective assessment of his team’s performance. Unique for a consumer product, a Video function in the application completes this means of analysis. It allows to keep the highlights via automatic videos of 10 seconds achievable with a simple touch on its screen. This feature adds the ability to easily tag goals and other highlights on the app, and share its information and videos on social networks.

The Zepp Play Football is sold for 120 euros.

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