Sony unveils new Xperia smartphone

Sony unveils its new smartphone in Japan, Sony said the Xperia Z4 would be available in Japan around the middle of the year, though it did not provide a launch date, details on carrier partners or price. The handset would be available in four colours and was slightly thinner than the previous Z3. Continue reading Sony unveils new Xperia smartphone

This is the HTC one M9 (Hands-On, video, prizes)

HTC one M9
As to be expected, HTC has just unveiled the one M9. The new smartphone comes in just two weeks on March 31 in the trade and 749 euros, is equipped with a Snapdragon 810 comes with up to 3 GB RAM and running Android, sense 7, 5.0, the latest version of HTC’s Android skin. The 5 “display has a 1080 p resolution.

For the new flagship phone HTC dispenses with the UltraPixel camera on the back and relies on a “traditional” sensor that resolves with 20 megapixels, allows 4K-Videoaufnahme and with a f/2.2 and good shots promises a 27, 8 mm lens. The UltraPixel camera moves to the front of the Smartphone. Continue reading This is the HTC one M9 (Hands-On, video, prizes)

Google’s 3D-sensing Project Tango is no longer an experiment

Google's 3D-sensing Project TangoYet another project is graduating from experiment to proper part of Google. Only two weeks ago, Glass left the confines of the Skunk Works-like Google X and became its own division headed up by Nest co-founder Tony Fadell. Now Project Tango, the 3D-sensing and -mapping concept, is moving on from the ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) labs to become a part of the company proper. Unfortunately what that means for the technology or what products it might eventually end up in isn’t exactly clear. Will the next Nexus sport a depth-sensing IR camera? Maybe. Or perhaps they’ll be used to build more advanced home automation and home monitoring tools for Nest. All we do know is that Tango will live on, even if the name “Project Tango” eventually fades away.
SOURCE: Google ATAP (Google+)

The New Samsung Galaxy S6: both sides would be curved

Rumors accumulate around the Galaxy S6 and begin to seriously diverge. We would now have right to a single model which both sides would be curved.
Two Galaxy S6, including an Edge version? Actually no, if we are to believe the sources described as “reliable” the Italian HDblog site which has already had some information in preview in the past.
The “Edge” of the future flaship would actually be the only model presented by Samsung. Unlike Galaxy Note Edge, both sides of the smartphone would be curved, but less clearly on the Edge Note to not assign the holding in hand of the machine explains the site. The thing would more suit both right-handed and left-handed people.
Moreover, and this is an equally important novelty, the chassis of the phone would be carved from a single block of aluminum. It is a recurrent rumor but it becomes a bit more credible this year with the arrival of the Alpha Galaxy, which has however that borders aluminum, the rear side remaining plastic.
However a problem it should be noted before taking this rumor for cash: the use of this material involves no doubt some supply difficulties, and the applies also to the curved screen. Samsung already having trouble enough plates for his Note Edge – out yet a small series – how the firm will be able to produce millions of copies of S6?
Samsung would however a little time to it since the Italians assert that the smartphone will be presented during the second quarter, a date a more credible than that of these advanced yesterday.

Photokina 2014 – Ricoh launches into the Cam Action with the WG – M1

Ricoh made sound entered the camera market for action with a first model, the Ricoh WG – M1, that will not go unnoticed.

The first action of Ricoh camera will unnoticed with his “all-terrain” look. If it is maybe a little bit more cumbersome than some models of the market (42.5 mm high 66.5 mm wide and 89.5 mm thick), it must be said that it has its own built-in color LCD and it is also waterproof to 10 m (standard IPX8), resists shocks up to 2 metres, dust, and temperatures down to-10 degreesall without any Cabinet. This explains somewhat why it is slightly more massive. Continue reading Photokina 2014 – Ricoh launches into the Cam Action with the WG – M1

Apple Watch release date : Starts at $349, coming early 2015

Apple Watch unveiled: Starts at $349, coming early 2015 (hands-on), Apple’s iWatch may not be the most-hyped gadget of all the time, but it’s certainly one of the most-anticipated products of recent years. Now it’s here and Apple’s simply calling it Apple Watch. It will be available in early 2015 , starting at $349. Continue reading Apple Watch release date : Starts at $349, coming early 2015

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are officials, news and prices in detail

Apple unveiled its new iPhone 6 baptized iPhone 6 to version 4.7 inch and iPhone 6 Plus for version 5.5 inches. Smartphones that rely on a ultra anodized aluminum design, a Retina HD screen and skills picture / video on the rise. Presentations of the characteristics and novelties..
After the iPhone iPhone 5 s and iPhone 5 c transition, place breaking iPhone, the small revolution for Apple, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone, in large

The iPhone 6 breaking, of real new iPhone especially starting with new diagonals of screen of 4.7 and 5.5 inches offering a respective definition of 1334 x 750 pixels (or 326 PPI identical to an iPhone 5 s) and 1920 x 1080 pixels (401 PPI). Slabs called Retina HD offering also a contrast plus and plus important to 1 300: 1 on the iPhone 6 and 1 400: 1 on the iPhone 6 (800 on an iPhone 5 s). With its slab of 5.5 inches, the iPhone 6 plus approaches the ergonomics of an iPad, note a landscape mode identical to what is found on Tablet and a mode of use with one hand, iPhone impacted by Steve Jobs DNA.

Design profile

Found a hull unibody aluminum anodized more rounded forms from marrying an also profiled screen coating. The iPhone 6 remains available in gold, silver and grey dress. Ultra fine dresses 6.9 mm for iPhone 6, 7.1 mm for iPhone 6 Plus (7.6 for an iPhone 5 s) on balance, the iPhone 6 Announces 172 grams while the iPhone 6 is 129 grams (112 for an iPhone 5 s).

More rapid, the 32 GB will disappear

Inside, a new SoC A8 Apple which remains in 64 Bit, however it is 13% smaller than the current A7 and is serious in 20nm. Above all, this new Apple A8 will offer 25% more CPU power and 50% performance in most GPU (graphic part). To accompany this dedicated movement M8 coprocessor SoC which will be operated by the health application.

Side storage, the iPhone 6 will be not available in 32 GB, now the prerogative of the iPhone 5 s (16 GB and 32 GB), a 128 GB version will complement the supply of 16 and 64 GB. These iPhone 6 are not the 4 G + but voice over 4G will be in contrast supported, like the WiFi ac.
Contactless payment is via the NFC, payments will be secured via the Touch ID, a system called Apple Pay and available coutant October to us side always connectivity, note the presence of a barometer on this 8th generation of iPhone.

Stabilized photo and video in slow motion

On the back, a built-in iSight camera’s 8 megapixel camera with a flash “True Tone” and aperture f/2.2, a configuration that appears identical to 5s so. It evolves in contrast side stabilization if iPhone 6 retains the digital stabilization of 5s and 5 c, the iPhone 6 Plus is equipped with an optical stabilization. Another difference with the ancestor 5 c, the panorama mode compiles images to provide a snapshot up to 43 megapixels. The video remains in Full HD but past at 60 fps (compared to 30 fps max previously) and slow motion will build on 240 frames per second (compared with 120 fps on a 5s).

In front, no great change side resolution for FaceTime HD camera with only 1.2 megapixels, a burst mode on the other hand appeared and FaceTime captures Plus light with an opening password to f/2.2 against f/2.4 on the 5s and 5 c.

A little Plus autonomy

Often maligned on the iPhone, autonomy is moving slightly on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus-newdigitalgadgets
Prices and available

Two iPhone available on 19 September next in France with preorders wedged on September 12 in and the dealers and operators.

Beautiful movement quoted price, the ticket input on the iPhone 6 is identical to the iPhone 5 s (after the integration of the royalty for the taping in October 2013) is €709 (16 GB), count €819 for the 64 GB model (against 917 in October 2013 on the 5 s 64 GB iPhone) and the 128 GB version will be $ 919.
The iPhone 6 Plus will be proposed from €809 (16 GB), count €919 for the 64 GB version and €1,019 for the 128 GB model.

iPhone 6: its release date, its price and its novelties, fashion crystal ball before the Apple Keynote

Before the conference iPhone 6 from Apple. New iPhone which should go out accompanied with a connected tocante support and the latest version 8 extended health and House connected iOS. A release date set on mid-September and stratospheric prices, however, these iPhones 6 sound like a historic cardboard for Apple…

Tim Cook had rightly said us, this fall 2014 will be loaded in ads beginning with the new line up of iPhone.

While the success of the iPhone 5 s and 5 c, yet the transition machinery, did not weaken, the new standard of Apple is preparing to break all records. As usual? Yet, as this time below the timing seems almost perfect.

When he talks about the incredible sales of the Sony PS4

Sony PS4
There are successful beyond imagination of some. The PS4 for Sony, one of them. It is beyond our expectations. We are so happy. But as for me, I’m a little nervous because do not completely understand what’s going on.

The gentleman who is surprised above is Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment. In an interview with Eurogamer, it seemed difficult to achieve the strong excitement around its console. Continue reading When he talks about the incredible sales of the Sony PS4

Autonomous car testing on open roads in France from next year

Autonomous car
Autonomous vehicles will finally be tested on open roads, starting next year. The government will indeed take measures to allow testing.

The decision was taken last week at a meeting of the “steering committee autonomous car” (it is not known if there is a pun intended) which Arnaud Montebourg and Carlos Ghosn (CEO of Renault) participate . A call for proposals will be launched jointly, notably to develop technologies related to vehicles.

In practice, a text will allow the use of a vehicle, duly authorized on the roads practiced by the everyman. However, only certain areas will be affected and not the whole territory. They will not be known until September, but it seems logical that are part Yvelines. PSA and Renault are in fact possess infrastructure tests. It is also there that we were mounted in Next Two, the proposed autonomous vehicle Renault.

Microsoft plans to integrate political advertising XBOX LIVE

Microsoft XBOX LIVE
Microsoft officials gave journalists understand that they are going to publish promotional material of a political nature directly through its gaming service Xbox Live. In this pre-assembled user data will be considered while display advertising .

Microsoft makes no secret of the fact that he wants politicians to pay for targeted advertising in Xbox Live. They even spread this information in the political environment at the last conference last Thursday Conservative Political Action Conference. Now we can only wait for the results of the promotion. Continue reading Microsoft plans to integrate political advertising XBOX LIVE

Google Glass Going To Get Android KitKat

Google is preparing to release a major update to abandon Glass and frequent release of software improvements. Soon digital Points Google get the latest version of the operating system Android – KitKat. This platform has been running a series of flagship smartphones , presented at the recent Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. Continue reading Google Glass Going To Get Android KitKat

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