Apple iPad Pro 9.7

Apple iPad Pro 9
With rumors, it was not known if Apple would offer a new iPad Air or not. now it is realized, the US firm seems to have gone the way of no longer offer products “Air”. We know that the MacBook Air will not resist very long the new MacBook that come in addition, be updated very recently. Continue reading Apple iPad Pro 9.7

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John Romero presents his dark shooter SF: BlackRoom

Black Room
The famous creator of majestic hair teaser this project last week; the thing is made official today: it is called Blackroom and its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was launched.
The co-founder of id Software and its studio, Night Work Games, hope to raise 700,000 dollars to complete the development of the shooter. Blackroom be located its action in the near future, which, as usual, will bring its share of drama (here with a holographic simulation technology gone wrong). Continue reading John Romero presents his dark shooter SF: BlackRoom

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Omni: GoPro camera DVR is revealed

Om GoPro camera DVR is revealed
GoPro do not mess with virtual reality. While the cameras terrain builder knows some difficulties on its heart of trade, he put on this area of booming activity to try to improve sales.

The Omni is part of this strategy. This cube welcomes six cameras that record video simultaneously; videos nested into each other to create an image 360 degrees which can be admired through a VR headset. Continue reading Omni: GoPro camera DVR is revealed

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