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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 : ambiance et mise en scène en vidéo

Activision released a new trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 which focuses on the atmosphere and the staging of the single player campaign of Treyarch signed this new FPS.
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Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition confirmed on video

Sega has recently confirmed the development of compilation Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition, bringing the two episodes on PS3. A first trailer was released in the wake.
Recently reported as a probability, the remastering of Yakuza and Yakuza 2 high definition has been confirmed by publisher Sega. This makes official Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition on PS3, allowing for flexible early adventures of Kiryu Kazuma out without our old PS2. Continue reading Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition confirmed on video

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Rockstar has published new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V

The company officially announced the Rockstar game Grand Theft Auto V in October last year, but before the final version of the game is still a lot of time, and fans of the series become impatient. Therefore, the developer kindly published a couple of new screenshots of the game, so we can get an idea of ​​the visual aesthetics of the product. It seems that one fifth of the far left of GTA IV, which was released in 2008, the developer only adjusted the schedule for The present-day realities.
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Action Battlefield 3 has a new official addition

Publishing company Electronic Arts has officially announced the release of new downloadable add-on for brick-busting action first-person Battlefield 3, called Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. Knowing the policies of EA and the developers from the studio DICE, it is easy to guess that this update applies only to a fee basis. Distribution, which appeared in the distribution networks Origin (for PC) and Xbox Live, priced at U.S. 15 $.

However, you can purchase psevdobesplatnogo Battlefield 3: Close Quarters: in these circumstances, it will get to those who bought the game Battlefield 3 in the Premium version for 50 $, which included the possibility of downloading five official add-ons, including Close Quarters. MobileDevice believes that the addon is completely up to its name, because instead of large open spaces will have to fight in close quarters. This is a completely different gameplay, so players should enjoy it. For those who still do not like the corridors and other components of buildings, can destroy them literally to the stone – the developers have fulfilled their promise and created a new system of total destrakta.

Total players will be invited to four new slot location. In addition, he will receive ten new weapons and, accordingly, ammunition for them. The next addition to the Battlefield 3 will be a project called Armored Kill. For details about him, of course, were not disclosed, but gamers expect something new, exciting and interesting. Armored Kill The distribution will be available for download on all platforms on which the original game came out already in the third quarter of this year.

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E3 2012 EA SPORTS FIFA 13 Football Club, the social network of football

E3 2012 EA SPORTS FIFA 13 Football Club, the social network of football, EA Electronic Arts announced today that EA SPORTS will bring many innovations to its functionality “EA SPORTS Football Club” into a real social network of football. Millions of football fans around the world thus have a more comprehensive tool through which they can stay connected with their club, and them, right out this fall from FIFA 13. A brand new reward system built into FIFA 13 will expand the EA SPORTS Football Club, and a new application EA SPORTS Football Club for iPhone and iPod will allow fans to stay connected with the game and friends.

In addition, FIFA 13 for the next iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and later in the year of Android, is now connected to EA SPORTS Football Club.”With EA SPORTS Football Club, we offer fans the opportunity to be connected to the heart of the sport, but also between them,” welcomed Matt Bilbey, CEO and vice president of the Football, EA SPORTS. “Last year, we experienced a year of transformation by setting up an online service to link the players to the real events of football, especially with new content and engaged with the news. Players could also defend their club, connect and take on their friends.

This year with the launch of FIFA 13, we will reward our fans for their support by giving them rewards in the game so they can play longer, and throughout the season, and offering new opportunities to stay connected to our game on different platforms. “This year, with EA SPORTS Football Club, the regulars of FIFA 12 will import the level of their club and their experience points in FIFA 13. They will be able to compete in the new season to surge from the previous season. They will also receive a special bonus in the new catalog EA SPORTS Football Club. Everything that makes FIFA 13, even in games played against his friends, is measured significantly. Every game counts, throughout the season, and fans will be rewarded for their achievements. They can, for example Football Club win credits to unlock items such as uniforms, special celebrations, improvements to their pro virtual credit for their recruiter in career mode, additional funds for shoes in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, the Additional matches for Seasons Face to face, all in the new catalog.

They will also enhance their status within the community imposing FIFA Online through 100 levels.For the first time, users can share their experiences with FIFA directly with their friends on Facebook via EA SPORTS Football Club. They can share personalized messages with friends and publish their latest statistics as number of wins, players they have recruited or items they have used in the catalog, directly from their console.The all-new EA SPORTS Football Club Application will allow fans to connect to FIFA anywhere, anytime. For the launch of the game they will have access to their identity EA SPORTS Football Club and that of their friends, and the application will extend the experience FIFA 13 Ultimate Team console.

With this application, fans can browse through the auction and make offers to recruit new players to create their dream team with the best footballers in FIFA 13.With FIFA 13, the millions of fans who play FIFA can play on iPhone and iPad and win awards, progress, challenges play live and connect with their friends with a common identity Football Club. The same functionality Football Club will be available on Android later this year.FIFA 13 transcribed all the intensity and excitement of real football. With this game, fight all over the field for the ball and get a freedom and creativity on offense total.

FIFA 13 introduces five innovations in terms of playability that revolutionize artificial intelligence, dribbling, ball control and physical play. It also has online features and exciting online services. This year marks the advent of the opus the largest and most comprehensive in the history of FIFA.FIFA 13 will be released in France this fall on PlayStation 3 compatibility with PlayStation Move, Kinect Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, Wii, PC, PlayStation 2, Nintendo 3DS, PSP (PlayStation Portable), and the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android. The game has not yet been classified. by New Digital Gadgets

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Avatar the new game Motocross Madness Microsoft Studios

New Game Motocross by Xbox 360, A few days of a formal presentation with great fanfare at E3 some games fuitent unfortunately. Worse, some games whose name should be unveiled at the show are already known by simply looking at the name leakées images. A textbook case in which the new Microsoft Game Studios is no exception with the first two pictures of Avatar Motocross Madness leakées on NeoGAF forums.
It is neither more nor less than the return of the license Motocross Madness released on PC in 1998 to the sauce avatar, the virtual characters of the 360, not the film by James Cameron.

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Max Payne The most badass cop of the world belongs to iPad

A beautiful autumn day in New York, the birds are singing, the rain falls, Max is a cop normal, linking the arrests of juvenile offenders and aligning badly parked cars. Unfortunately, and unlike the rest of his colleagues for whom the future will continue to consist of donuts in the break room and beatings of demonstrators, the daily Max will be turned upside down: it was brutally killed his wife and baby. Like that for nothing. Nobody knows why, and the worst may be that everyone who cares.
Max Payne is a puzzle game that revolves around the legitimacy of justice and its ability to act, you éplucherez the criminal and civil codes for hours before finding a flaw in the procedures and … no kidding, max is not happy, he takes his shotgun, it activates the bullet-time and he does everything blow up. If you played the game there are about ten years, you know it’s a must-have title on PC, like many games of Rockstar Game. But unlike the GTA who can tire of them by more than one open side, Max Payne is one of the first titles that literally caught thousands of players through a narrative with onions.
It is linear, but follow Max in his madness, level after level, was ten years ago an amazing experience for the player I was. And these gunfights! Max Payne is the first to have given the game a cinematic adding this control of time when the situation degenerated, allowing you to chain kills with more ease while flattering your peepers. So when someone offers me to play again on iPad and for only 2 € 39, the PC player in me shouts “Heretic! You need a keyboard! “But oh well, too bad, the nostalgia has already clicked” Buy “.

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Activision Blizzard attacked for patent infringement

Activision Blizzard attacked for patent infringement, Worlds Inc. in August 2000 filed a patent on the interaction between players in a virtual world. Having obtained this patent exclusivity in 2007, World Inc. Activision Blizzard now attack for patent infringement, specifically addressing the games World of Warcraft and Call of Duty.
This patent, very vague, was allegedly raped by, among other things, these two games that use virtual worlds. Blur, the patent is only a vague idea for a project that would be the basis for many multiplayer virtual worlds. Judge for yourself the content of the patent of World inc.
The present invention provides a highly scalable architecture for a system of virtual world interactive three-dimensional graphical, multi-user. In a preferred embodiment, a plurality of users interact in space three dimensional graphic, computer generated, where each user executes a client process to view a virtual world from the perspective of the user. The virtual world shows avatars representing the other users who are neighbors of the user who watches the virtual world. For this to be updated to reflect the movements of the avatars of remote users, information is transmitted to a central server process which provides positions updates to client processes for neighbors of the user. The client process also uses an environment database to determine which background objects to draw and to limit the movements of the avatar of the user.
The fact is that virtual worlds multiplayer does not exist until 2000, and many virtual worlds have emerged prior to the filing of this patent. World Inc.. Nc Soft had already attacked in 2008 for his play City of Heroes, a settlement was then found.
One can then wonder whether World Inc. may attack all games offering multiplayer virtual worlds, in this case, there would be money to be made. But one wonders especially the legitimacy of such a patent. Many games already using multiplayer worlds before the filing of the patent have never filed, saying surely the idea is too generic to be attarder.Comme this is usually done in the world of high-tech, a regulation to amicably will surely be found

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ArmA III a new teaser

It’s been a moment that there had been no news of ArmA III. For we have not forgotten and to show us that the work progresses, Bohemia Interactive has put online a short teaser on this third installment of the super demanding military simulation.
If the video does not teach anything aside from the graphic demonstration of the new coating of the latter, more information should be received for April 19 very precisely.

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Video game Raccoon City the history of the Resident Evil saga

Video game Raccoon City the dark side For the first time in the history of the Resident Evil saga, Operation Raccoon City does not offer the player to play as a hero seeking to shed light on a bizarre conspiracy that caused the appearance of mutants and zombies. It’s quite the opposite: embodying a member of a commando hired by the sinister Umbrella Corporation, will have to clean it to remove all traces of the involvement of the multinational in the “events” of Raccoon City.
This is 1998. The town of Raccoon City has been completely sealed off by the army after being contaminated by a deadly virus from a laboratory of Umbrella Corporation, which transforms the inhabitants into undead. With three teammates, the player will have the difficult task of removing documents and embarrassing witnesses, while the city is swarming with monsters and soldiers. Added to a strange mercenary named Nicholai, who seems to him, moving with no particular problem in the city
Operation Raccoon City has little in common with the first episodes of the saga, taking place yet in the same places. Away from both the oppressive survival horror first Resident Evil, this is not a result-oriented action-horror, as were episodes 4 and 5. Capcom is the title of a shooter team, much closer to a Left 4 Dead and its predecessors of the license Resident Evil.

Unfortunately, the comparison is not in favor of Operation Raccoon City. Chopped a rhythm, a lack of variety in the construction of levels and enemies too stereotypical make the title much less dynamic than Left 4 Dead. Despite the player the choice between six different characters to play, building and many unlockable weapons, levels follow each other without variety, served by a realization without fulfillment – Xbox 360, the game suffers from occasional slowdowns.

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Forza Motorsport 4

Top Xbox 360 Games of 2011, 2012 by New-Digial-Gadgets.Com Forza Motorsport 4 is a racing video game developed by Turn 10 Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. It is the fourth game in the Forza Motorsport series, and is set to be released in North America on 11 October, 2011, in Europe on 14 October and the rest of the world on October 20. Forza Motorsport 4 is a innovatory new way to experience hundreds of the world’s most exciting cars. I have many expectations from this game and i can’t wait to play this.
It’ll be interesting to see how Forza 4 will stack up against Gran Turismo 5, Continue reading Forza Motorsport 4

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