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Texas Instruments brings the calculator the iPad (video)

Texas Instruments
News for Business Calculator by Texas Instruments we have long been a very personal matter, not just since you can do other amazing things with the little boxes, not just colorful. TI-Nspire has just been released for the iPad, but – for whatever reason – initially only in Australia. Count remains numeracy, logo, but would be a little interaction not just the right thing? Boom. TI has at the start.

30 Australian dollars are due several versions, depending on the curriculum, are also available. Since we lack a look if iTunes account for down under the video after the jump twice as much. Continue reading Texas Instruments brings the calculator the iPad (video)

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Bitkom survey published on app downloads

The representative survey result to download 83% of all German smartphone owners Apps, ie approximately 21 million people. 45% of all smartphone users get only free apps on their phones, 38% are willing to pay for apps and 17% are satisfied with the pre-installed programs. Only 5%, however, regularly buy apps, the other 33% only sometimes give money on them.

Bitkom also asked how much money would spend the regular app for buyers. Thus, on average just 21 € per year migrate from the pockets of users in the various app stores. Continue reading Bitkom survey published on app downloads

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Loewe Assist Media remote control App for the iPad

Loewe released his iPad application dedicated to its TVs, the Loewe Assist Media App. If you have a Loewe TV, more searching around your remote, your iPhone has enough control your TV.
Thus, you can change the channel, get info on current programs, the TV program checker, record a program, open directly into the favorite channel, in short, the total directly on the tablet. The Loewe Assist Media App is available for free at first

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