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BionicOpter dragonfly drone flutters in relation, blows minds

Today the company has created BionicOpter. The 17.3-inch long dragonfly drone can flutter through the air in any direction, and even hover, the same as its organic inspiration. Their four carbon fibre and foil wings overcome around 20 times per-second, propelling it through the air as if it were swimming rather than flying.

Really piloting the robo-bug is accomplished through a smartphone app, but an on-board ARM-based microcontroller makes small changes to make certain stability throughout flight. There are always a several crucial bits of data we do not have only yet.

For one, it’s not clear the length of time the two-cell lithium ion battery will last, and pricing or availability are missing from the brochure (at the source link). Odds are though, you’ll never have the ability to manage one any way. Thankfully you can at the very least see that marvel of design doing his thing after the break.

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