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Three new GTA 5 Trailer show the protagonists

new GTA 5
GTA 5 is with one of the hot expected plays in this year, which comes however unfortunately only on 17 September on the market. Also a PS4 as well as a PC-version were not confirmed so far unfortunately yet, however this will come probably somewhat later. Rockstar Games makes us however regularly rather hot on the play and publishes new Trailer. In the last three Trailern everything turns around the protagonists Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Franklin tried from the course crime to escaped, Michael through-lives its Midlife Crisis and Trevor behaves simply so rather frequently beside it and uses many strong language.

All in all the three Trailer make once again for desire on more. They promise still a Actionreicheres Gameplay as well as naturally a new city and new stories. Besides there is the possibility of vehicles from the view of the driver to steer probably for the first time and to have also the hood in the view. To book in advance know their GTA 5 for example with Amazon, the three Trailer gives it here. Continue reading Three new GTA 5 Trailer show the protagonists

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New screenshots of GTA 5 released

New screenshots of GTA 5
Rockstar Games, the makers of the popular Grand Theft Auto series have. For spring next year, the fifth part of the game in the pipeline The development is of course the fact vorangeschrittten and the guys feed us constantly with new information about the game. On the Rockstar Games Facebook page, the makers have now released 5 new screenshots.

These reveal that most from GTA 5 can also use U-boats that we can again fly jet and that one can probably also appear in some way in the water. The screenshots here are complete.
Continue reading New screenshots of GTA 5 released

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GTA 5 petition reached 100,000 supporters

2 days ago my colleague Julian already reported about the online petition for a PC version of GTA 5, which had set itself the goal to collect 100,000 signatures. Meanwhile, the 100,000 signatures reached and the goal was to increase the target to 150,000. But this is to be achieved on the right track.

One of the creators of the petition has certainly achieved that was taken the studio to GTA 5 “Rockstar” by the media attention to this petition carefully, even if that nothing official confirmed. Continue reading GTA 5 petition reached 100,000 supporters

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What do you dream to see in GTA V

Wednesday was released a second trailer for GTA V. Before, many speculations on its release date, and the first leaks about the most anticipated game of 2013 have fired the imagination of gamers worldwide.

And they were not disappointed: three heroes, a playground advertised as great a variety of vehicles, many more interactions with NPCs through dynamic events of Red Dead Redemption and additional activities were announced by Rockstar. Continue reading What do you dream to see in GTA V

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