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HP’s $169 Slate 7 tablet delayed right up until June

Many of you are no doubt waiting patiently to acquire HP Slate 7 tablet. The $169 selling price certainly causes it to be enticing. Very well, we could possibly have a more time wait when compared with we considered.

When it absolutely was first introduced, the company indicated it becomes available by simply April, nevertheless it looks that way plan has changed. The product or service page with HP’s site has become saying how the Slate won’t appear until sometime in Summer. Say just what?

We don’t understand why it is delayed, but we are all just likely to have to await and see what the results are. Two several weeks is quite a long time in this tablet market place. This just isn’t good intended for HP. Continue reading HP’s $169 Slate 7 tablet delayed right up until June

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The Tablet HP Elite Pad 900

Learned the details about the tablet HP Elite Pad 900: Intel Clover Trail platform provides up to 10 hours of battery.

Introducing tablet ElitePad 900, HP did not go into the technical details device. Confining ourselves to the designation of hardware-software platform and multi-point specification, the manufacturer paid attention to focus on the business application of the device. At the same characteristics such as, say, the battery life, behind the scenes. Continue reading The Tablet HP Elite Pad 900

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HP first tablet Windows 8 on x86, not ARM under

The first tablet of Windows 8 running on HP x86 and will turn to the professionals, the American ad.
With the arrival of Windows 8, it will be possible to find shelves Windows 8 / Windows x86 configurations or RT / MRA, the first being rather for professionals when the second is the general public.

In unveiling its range space, Microsoft offers two possibilities with products close but not entirely similar. The fact that the Redmond group becomes a manufacturer of tablets has largely been speculation about the reaction of other manufacturers who gets stuck with a partner as much as a competitor, could hinder the ongoing projects.

The HP group, he has made ​​his choice: his first tablet Windows 8 will carry a x86 processor and is designed for professionals. This does not mean that the company will not provide the latest ARM tablets but priority is given to a logical architecture established in the PC world and who will have the assurance of compatibility with x86 applications.

Some see it as a reaction to the arrival of Microsoft on the market shelves that would encourage HP to dispense tablets ARM. In fact, HP has many reasons to favor natural products under x86.

The tablets launched last year in Windows 7 were already turned to professional products and not the general public, whose market locked by Apple and occupied by dozens of Android tablets, is difficult to exploit. HP was able to experience with the acquisition of Palm and WebOS operating system, and marketing of the tablet HP TouchPad which proved disastrous.

ARM design shelves also requires tightening the costs and achieve very little room for significant operating costs, whose return is not assured by sales volumes consistent.

Instead, the shelves globally oriented company offer better margin opportunities in a market that is not still under the thumb of a player whose HP is aware of the expectations, with the opportunity to highlight the software compatibility.

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