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Fat Magnet, to get rid of fat from our food

Fat Magnet,ND-Food
Difficult to prepare dishes without fat, which more is when those require a good quantity of oil or butter for example. The Conceited person Magnet proposes to catch them, purely and simply. What to eat healthily on any occasion.

But there is difficulty!Not, it is not magic… finally a little! The magnet that you see opposite is to be applied to your directly flat. Once frozen, there is not any more but to pass it on your dish and, you removed here here from greases!

If as well is as one thinks of leaving with the freezer the Conceited person Magnet to be able to use it immediately, it is very good! Still it is necessary that its magic functions, and within sight of the comments, it is not gained… For those which that interest all the same, Continue reading Fat Magnet, to get rid of fat from our food

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