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CES 2014: Nano-one PC with AMD Mullins

CES 2014Nano-one PC with AMD Mullins
How about having a PC the size of an envelope on your desk? This is the promise made by AMD at CES 2014 which outlined a prototype of Nano -PC – which has no official name – built around its latest APU called ” Mullins ,” which we do not know the frequencies, but burned 28nm . Continue reading CES 2014: Nano-one PC with AMD Mullins

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Three new GTA 5 Trailer show the protagonists

new GTA 5
GTA 5 is with one of the hot expected plays in this year, which comes however unfortunately only on 17 September on the market. Also a PS4 as well as a PC-version were not confirmed so far unfortunately yet, however this will come probably somewhat later. Rockstar Games makes us however regularly rather hot on the play and publishes new Trailer. In the last three Trailern everything turns around the protagonists Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Franklin tried from the course crime to escaped, Michael through-lives its Midlife Crisis and Trevor behaves simply so rather frequently beside it and uses many strong language.

All in all the three Trailer make once again for desire on more. They promise still a Actionreicheres Gameplay as well as naturally a new city and new stories. Besides there is the possibility of vehicles from the view of the driver to steer probably for the first time and to have also the hood in the view. To book in advance know their GTA 5 for example with Amazon, the three Trailer gives it here. Continue reading Three new GTA 5 Trailer show the protagonists

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The Evil Within – Mikami wants a “truth” survival horror

The Evil Within
Shinji Mikami, the man behind the next project of Bethesda, The Evil Within, wants to return at the bases of the survival horror.

According to the Sir, and one can hardly give him twists, the kind survival horror became an argument marketing more than one kind. The survival horror with large budgets of today – one thinks Dead Space 3 – have all the stupid game of action – what Dead Space 1 was not!

For me, personally, if I returned to the survival horror, it is not that the survival horror as a kind does not exist any more, it is not any more but of the action. Shinji Mikami, in an interview granted to IGN.

IGN put online a 9 minutes video, where several men from Gameswork Tango cause us a little more philosophy of game of The Evil Within. If you missed the teaser and the first information on the game, it is here that occurs.
Continue reading The Evil Within – Mikami wants a “truth” survival horror

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Lenovo moves out extra-compact ThinkCentre Border 62z all-in-one intended for $549

A number of Lenovo’s seasoned customers can be quite fussy: hospitals and also schools need multiple computers in a very small location, but with no skimping for the usual characteristics they’d assume from a desktop. If just about any PC might resolve those contradictory requires, it may very well be the businesses new ThinkCentre Advantage 62z. The particular extra-angular style purportedly meets a 18. 5-inch all-in-one right into a third on the space of your 20-inch exhibit, all although carrying up to and including Core i3 processor and also a DVD burner.

Whether or not you understand the 62z being a feat regarding engineering, the design has some room to grow with approximately 8GB regarding RAM and also a 1TB hard drive. The price could be the real clincher for a lot of customers — Lenovo can expect this lower-tier ThinkCentre Advantage to charge $549 while it reaches the usa in May well, which might squeeze the item into some more IT prices. Continue reading Lenovo moves out extra-compact ThinkCentre Border 62z all-in-one intended for $549

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MiiPC: The PC living room for the whole family

On Kickstarter, projects requesting funding Internet abound. Today, the project MiiPC of interest. This small PC that runs on Android does indeed go further in parental control by enabling parents to manage their child’s activity on the web.

PC looks like a small box that plugs directly to a screen. Once done, the children can use apps to do everything they do on a PC with the only difference that parents are aware of everything. Through an application, they can see what their child will even be able to close the remote application.

The project has already exceeded its fundraising goal on Kickstarter, while the countdown is far from over. A project that will delight parents wanting fliquer monitor the activities of their children on the family computer. Continue reading MiiPC: The PC living room for the whole family

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GTA 5 petition reached 100,000 supporters

2 days ago my colleague Julian already reported about the online petition for a PC version of GTA 5, which had set itself the goal to collect 100,000 signatures. Meanwhile, the 100,000 signatures reached and the goal was to increase the target to 150,000. But this is to be achieved on the right track.

One of the creators of the petition has certainly achieved that was taken the studio to GTA 5 “Rockstar” by the media attention to this petition carefully, even if that nothing official confirmed. Continue reading GTA 5 petition reached 100,000 supporters

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Doxie One – miniature scanner for mobile users

First of all, users of mobile devices is addressed novelty which sales company announced Doxie. Shown in the illustration Doxie One device is a scanner. Its dimensions are 26,7 x 4,3 x 5,6 cm, weight – 386

Scanner resolution – 300 dpi. Scanning the pages maximum size (A4 or Letter) unit takes eight seconds. The scanned data is saved to the memory card in the format of JPEG, PNG, or PDF (with the ability to search text – text recognition software performs complete Abbyy). Includes an SD memory card of 2 GB. Continue reading Doxie One – miniature scanner for mobile users

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Acer introduced the mini-desktop Aspire ME and XC

Acer company is preparing for full release of the new operating system Windows 8, letting computers meant for it. This time the company has released no candy bars, and the traditional system units, somewhat reduced in size. The new model is called Aspire ME and XC, it is quite powerful machines.

Acer Aspire ME model is positioned as the eldest in a duet, it is equipped with an Intel Core i5 or Core i7, RAM up to 10 GB (can later be expanded to 16 GB), the maximum amount of hard drive is 2 TB, Continue reading Acer introduced the mini-desktop Aspire ME and XC

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Sony announced the price of computers Vaio Duo 11 and Vaio Tap 20

In August of this year, Sony announced plans to release a Windows 8 tablet computer controlled hybrid Vaio Duo 11 and 20 piece Vaio Tap-enabled sensor technology. Today the company announced the price of the above models of computers.

Vaio Duo 11 will be offered at a price of 1099.99 dollars. Hybrid will get a 11.6-inch screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the processor Intel Core i3/i5/i7, 4/8 GB of memory, a solid state drive capacity of 128/256 GB, two built-in cameras (front and rear), two ports USB 3.0 and HDMI-out. Continue reading Sony announced the price of computers Vaio Duo 11 and Vaio Tap 20

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Vizio introduced its new products based on Windows 8

Vizio company today introduced several new products on the basis of the operating system Windows 8. Among them are 24 – and 27-inch single touch screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Besides, the company has presented updated ultrabook and laptop, get new touchpad, which will allow you to work comfortably in a medium Window 8.
Continue reading Vizio introduced its new products based on Windows 8

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Impressions – Hitman

Hitman is a serial simple concept: you are given a target to assassinate several ways to achieve your goals, and it is up to you to choose the approach that best suits you. IO Interactive has so far been able to repeat the experiment with the variety of the situations, but it seemed difficult to go further without leaving the basic idea of the game that is murder. This is exactly what we offer studio with fashion Contracts revolution in continuity.

The first stage of this revolution is to place the player in the shoes of master of the game while he is playing. Continue reading Impressions – Hitman

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XCOM playable on Youtube

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now offering a interactive trailer inviting you to try the title without any installation.

2K has indeed released a trailer for the viewer to choose the events taking place during the presentation of his game and you have an overview of the gameplay video, which is even better than Youtube does not load a new page for each of your choices. Continue reading XCOM playable on Youtube

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Sleeping Dogs (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Sleeping Dogs To understand, one must first examine its chaotic development and understand how the twists that mark the altered DNA. Activision announced in 2009 the third installment of the True Crime series, GTA-like his house pretty average. True Crime: Hong Kong takes place in the world of the Triads, where an undercover cop – that is the hallmark of the series – must infiltrate the dangerous Chinese gang. But the company withdrew in 2011, and for the development studio that produces it, United Front Games, this is an economic disaster; follows a wave of layoffs.

It was not counting on that Square Enix decided to buy the project, its development and recovery. A year later, the publisher officially announced Sleeping Dogs, a realistic and immersive thriller that immerses players in disreputable alleys of Hong Kong. Continue reading Sleeping Dogs (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

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