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Why Philips left the market of consumer electronics ?

In the history of consumer electronics, there are two products that have spent more time on the justification for the existence of its own products than trying to keep up with the times. This Nokia and BlackBerry. Philips also put an end to its history, very deliberately. What happened?

On Tuesday it was announced that Philips sold the remains of his once-core business of Japanese Funai Electric. Dutch company piled on losses for the fourth quarter restructuring charge and a fine for price-fixing. Now, Philips no longer manufactures audio, video and multimedia accessories, leaving himself only medical equipment and lighting. If it were not for all this, the price paid the Japanese could suggest the raiding: 150 million euros and the cost of licensing the brand. Continue reading Why Philips left the market of consumer electronics ?

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Philips Home Entertainment division and sold on to Funai

Philips Home
Philips pulls out of the audio and video, and will produce no immediate BluRay players or more speakers. That is very unfortunate because the devices were always very good, but since Funai is acquiring the business, we will continue to receive high-quality products.

For 150 million Philips and Funai have made a deal. Just last year, the Dutch have sold their TV business to TPV in Hong Kong. Philips is also open to be from consumer electronics to move away, because they do with the LED and other divisions simply much better margins. The shares have risen following the announcement by 1.4 percent to 22.2 euros. Continue reading Philips Home Entertainment division and sold on to Funai

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Philips W732 dual-SIM smartphone with good battery life

One smartphone with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was announced under the Philips brand.
Identifiable with its reference product W732, the machine weighs 168.9 grams and 12.6 x adopts dimensions 6.7 x 1.2 centimeters. Continue reading Philips W732 dual-SIM smartphone with good battery life

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TP Vision Announces Philips DesignLine TV

TP Vision has unveiled the new series of TVs Philips DesignLine, it differs from traditional televisions by its pearly white color, transparent glass facade and its monoblock 6 ° angle. The TV DesignLine are also equipped with the latest features Smart TV, Ambilight Spectra 2 that diffuses a halo of light around the TV to give the viewer a sense of immersion, 3D (3D polarized) and will be available in 119 cm (47 “) and 107cm (42”).
Continue reading TP Vision Announces Philips DesignLine TV

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LG and Philips established the Smart TV Alliance and announced a new platform

One of the major lines of business is the production of LG branded smart TVs that go on the Internet and support the installation of additional applications. This segment of interest and other manufacturers, but in each case, they use their own operating systems. To create a single standard with LG Philips has announced the establishment of Project Smart TV Alliance.

The aim of the new organization is to develop a “non-proprietary ecosystem” that will allow software makers to offer platform-independent applications, they can be run on any smart TV. For consistency, the authors of the draft Smart TV Alliance decided to use the generally accepted standard for HTML5, which must be adapted to the features of the Smart TV.
Prior to the formal emergence of Smart TV Alliance was also information that a member of the new organization will be the company Sharp, however, in the official press release from LG is the brand name is not explicitly mentioned, although it refers to “other Japanese manufacturers.” Tool Kit SDK 2.0 will be released later this year, will come later, and smart TVs with support for the new standard. And until the moment to participate in the project Smart TV Alliance is open to all the other manufacturers.

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