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Moss – The Modular Robotics Toy for everyone

Eric Schweikardt loves Legos—and Erector sets, and creating his own Capsela machinations, too. “The great thing about construction kits is that they abstract something away to make it easier for kids to build cool stuff,” says Schweikardt, CEO and design director of Modular Robotics. Continue reading Moss – The Modular Robotics Toy for everyone

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WINE : The Robot winemaker !

WINE for Viticulture is a small natural intelligent robot 50cm high developed by the company in Burgundy Wall-Ye, a French company, which allows to cut about 600 vines per day!

This robot has two arms winemaker, four wheels, six cameras and a GPS which allows to identify, but also to collect data on the health of the vines and soil. WINE is not the size, it can also be suckering or cleaning the floor at the foot of the vines. Continue reading WINE : The Robot winemaker !

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