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Three new GTA 5 Trailer show the protagonists

new GTA 5
GTA 5 is with one of the hot expected plays in this year, which comes however unfortunately only on 17 September on the market. Also a PS4 as well as a PC-version were not confirmed so far unfortunately yet, however this will come probably somewhat later. Rockstar Games makes us however regularly rather hot on the play and publishes new Trailer. In the last three Trailern everything turns around the protagonists Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Franklin tried from the course crime to escaped, Michael through-lives its Midlife Crisis and Trevor behaves simply so rather frequently beside it and uses many strong language.

All in all the three Trailer make once again for desire on more. They promise still a Actionreicheres Gameplay as well as naturally a new city and new stories. Besides there is the possibility of vehicles from the view of the driver to steer probably for the first time and to have also the hood in the view. To book in advance know their GTA 5 for example with Amazon, the three Trailer gives it here. Continue reading Three new GTA 5 Trailer show the protagonists

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Iron Man 3: Mandarin appears

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 is the next Marvel movie and the firm about its new blockbuster. After trailers, the film made its promo with posters characters. We had Tony Stark, Iron Patriot, and Aldrich Killian. Today, it is the turn of Mandarin.

We can see that the film’s nasty primary will adopt a military look. Hope that the essence of the Mandarin is still respected. After Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2, this is Ben Kingsley who will face the iron man. As a reminder, here is the official synopsis Continue reading Iron Man 3: Mandarin appears

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Game console Sony PlayStation 2 to retire

If you consider yourself to gikam game, or just to fans of video games, you can bet that you either have or had, or you at least a few times played on the gaming console Sony PlayStatation 2. For those who for some reason do not know, let you know that the console has appeared already in 2000, and during that time has sold over 150 million copies. But nothing lasts forever. From Japan came the news that Sony announced the termination of the supply of new PS2 land of the rising sun.

This means that when the stocks with more consoles were completely desolate (and in fact PS2 continues to sell well in some markets of developing countries), no new supply PS2 will not – console will go to a well-deserved retirement. Continue reading Game console Sony PlayStation 2 to retire

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Microsoft is developing a simplified version of the Xbox

Continuing to work on the development of the console Xbox, Microsoft has decided to release a cheaper version of the console, which will get limited functionality for undemanding users.

In addition to fans of video games, with bated breath waiting for the release of new bandwidth-hungry games, there are those who simply enjoy casual games. For them to choose the cheap food to save on the full Xbox 360, looks clearly inappropriate. Another thing – cheap console Xbox TV, which provides access to the main entertainment services Microsoft. Continue reading Microsoft is developing a simplified version of the Xbox

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The Game World of Tanks 40 million registered players

In the online game World of Tanks 40 million registered users. Since late last year the audience the game increased in two times: at the time the number of registered users was 18 million people. WoT broke its own record for the number of concurrent users are on the same gaming services. According to the company, the developer, the peak time for the service were about 500 thousand players.

The game is shareware and dedicated team battles with tanks, built 1920-1960s years. Is currently used about two hundred models of tanks (German, American and Chinese). MMO World of Tanks has been launched in 2010, Continue reading The Game World of Tanks 40 million registered players

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Test – FIFA 13, football has a name

The king is dead, long live the king! Since the high-definition era, it is every year the same old story. The former ruler of the football world gives way to his worthy successor, but we are never disappointed so far. And as every twelve months, we rest forever the question: is it really better than the last? The answer is tedious, but yes, FIFA 13 is undoubtedly the best football simulation that we have known. Never a title like has reached this level of realism and that sense of construction Bluffing Thurs.

The recipe still works: by improving touch gameplay that makes miracles. FIFA 12 FIFA 13, there is not a dwarf. But what dwarf! Anyone who has not measured the previous version will not issue any joy to try to FIFA 13. Continue reading Test – FIFA 13, football has a name

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 : ambiance et mise en scène en vidéo

Activision released a new trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 which focuses on the atmosphere and the staging of the single player campaign of Treyarch signed this new FPS.
Continue reading Call of Duty Black Ops 2 : ambiance et mise en scène en vidéo

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Nabi 2 Tablet, designed specifically for children

Today started selling Tablet PC Nabi 2, having a custom design. His lurid appearance due to the fact that he created for the youngest users, that is for the children. But despite this he possessed more than a serious electronics, which can be found often in the top-end models.
Continue reading Nabi 2 Tablet, designed specifically for children

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