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EA Vault free for one week for users of Xbox Live Gold

EA Vault free of Xbox Live Gold
Next week the users of Xbox Live Gold expanded its catalog of games on a temporary basis, as the company will offer free access to the library EA Vault. If you don’t remember, EA Vault is a games section built into the service of subscripccion monthly EA Access, and in it you can find some titulazos as Titanfall, Battlefield: hardline, Dragon Age: Inquisition, FIFA 15 and Madden 15.
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Microsoft and Samsung demo Illumiroom display – the trump card next-generation xbox

Microsoft IllumiRoom
Microsoft Kinect has made one of the main advantages of Xbox 360. And at CES 2013 may trump shown next generation consoles Microsoft (video only). The project is called IllumiRoom, and it really is impressive. The essence of technology, you can see in the video below.

It can be said that the game “goes beyond” the TV and literally fills the room. While this is only a prototype, but representatives were assured that the video is really a demonstration of technology rather than computer graphics (though in some aspects, in particular during the “distortion” of shelves on the left, one gets the feeling that the video still processed, and if not, it is only a huge plus to the collection of Microsoft). This technology is implemented with Kinect and a special projector. Continue reading Microsoft and Samsung demo Illumiroom display – the trump card next-generation xbox

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Microsoft is developing a simplified version of the Xbox

Continuing to work on the development of the console Xbox, Microsoft has decided to release a cheaper version of the console, which will get limited functionality for undemanding users.

In addition to fans of video games, with bated breath waiting for the release of new bandwidth-hungry games, there are those who simply enjoy casual games. For them to choose the cheap food to save on the full Xbox 360, looks clearly inappropriate. Another thing – cheap console Xbox TV, which provides access to the main entertainment services Microsoft. Continue reading Microsoft is developing a simplified version of the Xbox

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New Xbox will support Kinect 2.0 and Blu-ray drive

In the last issue of Xbox World had an article that shed a little more light on the Xbox video game console of the new generation. In particular, information suggests that the new Xbox will support Kinect 2.0 and Blu-ray discs.

The article stated that the new generation Xbox likely to be called simply “Xbox”, rather than “Xbox 720”, as many think, and will be equipped with 8 GB of memory and quad core.

Additionally it was reported that in addition to supporting the new console Kinect 2.0 and Blu-ray discs will be supported directional sound output, TV output and input, Continue reading New Xbox will support Kinect 2.0 and Blu-ray drive

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Rockstar has published new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V

The company officially announced the Rockstar game Grand Theft Auto V in October last year, but before the final version of the game is still a lot of time, and fans of the series become impatient. Therefore, the developer kindly published a couple of new screenshots of the game, so we can get an idea of ​​the visual aesthetics of the product. It seems that one fifth of the far left of GTA IV, which was released in 2008, the developer only adjusted the schedule for The present-day realities.
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Halo 4 will be playable on the tablet surface

Halo is and will always be linked to the history of Xbox consoles, even if there has been an attempt to port the PC license. Yet given the words of Don Mattrick, president of the branch for Microsoft Xbox, Halo 4 is planned for the touch pad Microsoft Surface.
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Xbox 720 Project Durango prize, release date, and new juicy details

The English media, who would have had access to almost 56 pages of description, reveals that the new Xbox will have more confusing news. As, for example, compatibility with Blu-Ray which even today is reserved for Sony in the field of home consoles. Durango but should also take advantage of new technologies, like a pair of glasses to augmented reality, or, a second version of Kinect.

According to the document that Game Informer had access, the new console will be launched in 2013, with prices rising to $ 299.99 (or 236 € and bananas). Knowing that the document dates from 2010, it may well be that the absence of Durango at E3 we suggest that its development would have been delayed. Otherwise, Microsoft will present during the 2013 edition of E3, for an output that could take place at the end of next year.

If the authenticity of the document remained to be unveiled on the internet check, some employees at Microsoft, as Michael Gapper, leaves us still believe that the information includes “a lot of truth.” Indeed, it would have explained that augmented reality was a major construction project for the Durango.

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Microsoft Windows Phone to the sentence, the Xbox in fall

Microsoft has just released its figures for the third fiscal quarter. And the numbers are quite good. Redmond says in effect that its revenue is up 6% to 17.41 billion dollars and recording a profit of 5.11 billion. Well beyond the 17.18 billion expected by the market.
This is the pro division that allows such an increase. The business division sign up in revenues of 9% to $ 5.81 billion, and the Windows division represents $ 4.62 billion profit.
Still, the entertainment division is struggling in this fiscal year for Microsoft. Indeed, with the Xbox 360 sales rising to 1.4 million consoles sold against 2.7 million last year at this time (although the 360 is the console that sells the best), Microsoft posted a 16% drop in its entertainment sector. The fault also Windows phones that are struggling to impose.
A drop logic. The slowdown in the Xbox 360 is quite normal. The console nearing the end of life attracted more consumers now expect the next generation. Especially to two months of E3 where Redmond could introduce its new console (which would still be amazing). In addition, Windows phones are handicapped by the upcoming release of Windows 8, while Redmond is not clear on the fact of compatibility with Win 7 WP 8. Microsoft is therefore within the scope of consumer expectations about new products of the firm, and the results of next year with the same period could well be very different.

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The New Wii Fit

New Wii Fit Balance Board Video games aren’t new, but Wii Fit is certainly the most technically advanced one yet. I have a Wii console, because I have always loved the nintendo games, but the Wii took creativity to a new level. Although the graphics are not as good as a XBox or PS3, the fun of the play is still there. Continue reading The New Wii Fit

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