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Apple iPad 5, stylish and slim

Apple iPad 5 News_95331
If you’re lucky, the fall of this year Apple will introduce the fifth version of the brand iPad Tablet PC, although, according to some unofficial data, the device may be in the beginning of next year. Continue reading Apple iPad 5, stylish and slim

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Apple lost 8.1% market share in Tablet PCs

Apple Tablet PCs
Despite the fact that the Apple iPad is still the most popular tablet computer in the world, continues to steadily lose market share. Thus, according to experts iDC, for the fourth quarter iPad market share declined by 8.1% compared to the same period of 2011. The volume of deliveries rose by half, from 15.1 million to 22.9 million, but the total share with decreased from 51.7% to 43.6%.

Of course, almost all of the lost Apple “picked” the company Samsung, which is very immodest increased its share from 7.3% to 15.1%, while the supply has increased from 2.2 million to 7.9 million is not an understatement and the company ASUS, which also fortunate to become the official partner of Google, as a result of the Taiwanese manufacturer has increased its share from 2% to 600 thousand tablets set to 5.8% and 3.1 million tablets set for the fourth quarter of last year. Continue reading Apple lost 8.1% market share in Tablet PCs

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Apple A6X processors will produce at Samsung, and TSMC

Apple A6X
According to the source, referring to the message Taiwanese publication Commercial Times, orders release of processors Apple A6X got the contract manufacturer of semiconductor products TSMC. This step, the assumption that sounded repeatedly, must reduce its dependence on Apple South Korean company Samsung, which supplied the processors for Apple products a few years, as well as being the main competitor of Apple in the mobile market.

A6X processor used in the fourth generation iPad tablet, introduced in October last year.

Allegedly, Apple will get a trial batch processors from TSMC in the current quarter. In the future, Apple may order the release of TSMC 20-nanometer quad-core processors for the iPad, iTV and MacBook. Continue reading Apple A6X processors will produce at Samsung, and TSMC

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Apple iTV would test its

The Apple iTV is a sea serpent that lasts for many years now. Out? Come out? This is the big question. Today, the Wall Street Journal in spring iTV rumor indicating that the machine is being tested in the factories of Foxconn.

In partnership with Sharp, Apple is doing tests on the design of a possible television. Using Sharp panels, so Apple would test a TV 60 inches. Of course, all this information comes from sources of WSJ.

We know that television is a concern for Apple. In an interview with NBC last week, the head of the Cupertino company said that it was a long-term goal for Apple, without giving further details. Continue reading Apple iTV would test its

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iPod Nano and iPod Touch – everything you need to know

iPod Nano and iPod Touch nd everything you need to know
Yesterday, Apple held its keynote and introduced a new iPhone model, the iPhone 5. But at the same time, the Cupertino company has unveiled two new iPod models: iPod Nano 7th generation and the new iPod touch. These two new iPod are the spearhead of Apple at the music. After selling its 350 million players since 2001, Apple does not stop there. Here’s everything you need to know about the new iPod released yesterday:

iPod Nano:

The iPod adopts a new look for the new generation, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Nokia Lumia. With its 2.5-inch multitouch LCD with a resolution of 240 x 432 (202 ppi), iPod nano is a little larger than its predecessor, but still retains a size small enough. Continue reading iPod Nano and iPod Touch – everything you need to know

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Apple iPhone 5 will show the world in August

People all over the world can be roughly classified into two categories – yablokofilam and yablokofobam. The first soul is not in production chayut of Apple, and the latter hate it with every fiber of his soul, and believe that it has no place in today’s world. However, those and others are eagerly awaiting the announcement of your iPhone 5, which, as it became known today, could take place in the first half of August. According to preliminary data, the announcement is scheduled for August 7, although initially the device was to be presented at a conference in June WWDC.
Continue reading Apple iPhone 5 will show the world in August

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