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BlackBerry 10 devices will not make it to Korea

BlackBerry has been the launch of their new operating system, announced in Japan to bring no devices on the market. Now a rumor going around that will happen in Korea the same fate, because the market is penetrated too strong. Especially in Korea, LG and Samsung, as well as a home player very much like Apple everywhere. HTC already had in July last year in Korea throw in the towel and Motorola followed in December.

BlackBerry has officially announced already known to be still talking about the new BlackBerry device Z10 with its single Korean partner SK Telecom. There would be in sales but probably not a big difference if they would not sell them directly, Continue reading BlackBerry 10 devices will not make it to Korea

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BlackBerry 10 device with a hardware keyboard again shows


Even at Christmas, there was the BlackBerry 10 device with hardware keyboard on a few blurry images. Now the device has been caught again before the lens. This time is even turned on the display and, contrary to the other images of this is also relatively sharp. Create you see here unfortunately. The keyboard is like in the “old” BlackBerry devices slightly flattened so that a simpler and faster typing is possible. Continue reading BlackBerry 10 device with a hardware keyboard again shows

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Leaked photos of 10-inch Playbook

10-inch playbook, appears in the news for quite some time. This time we got to something more tangible than the same information about the tablet, because the network there are pictures of RIM’s latest product.
Photos of the tablet appeared on one of the Vietnamese sites. What’s somewhat surprising, the new BlackBerry device, outside dimensions, of course, looks virtually identical to the original playbook. Continue reading Leaked photos of 10-inch Playbook

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BlackBerry Elegance on Android with Berry UI

The two most powerful manufacturer of mobile devices, Nokia and RIM (brand BlackBerry) now facing serious difficulties, forcing them to radically change its strategy. So, Nokia had to go to Camp Windows Phone hoping to improve their business, but what do you do RIM? One of the options for future development for the Canadian manufacturer may be entering the market for smartphones running Google Android, the idea developed in the concept of BlackBerry Elegance.
Continue reading BlackBerry Elegance on Android with Berry UI

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BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha for developers

It is now the BlackBerry World 2012 Thorsten Heins, CEO of RIM, the Canadian company announced the arrival of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha , a BlackBerry 10 smartphone present for developers so that they are preparing the release of the new OS this fall.
For those wondering what look like BlackBerry 10, you’ll have a preview version 2.0 of the BlackBerry playbook if he also now HERE.

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Blackberry OS 7.1 en cours de déploiement

Unveiled earlier this year, the updated Blackberry OS 7.1 is being deployed in France on 6 terminals: the Blackberry Torch 9810 & 9860, Bold 9790 and Curve 9360 & 9900 & 9380!
This “small” update, pending Blackberry OS 10, still brings sharing the 3G connection up to 5 terminals, adding an FM radio functionality Wireless Media Server (UPnP), sharing Twitter and Facebook via BBM, a new version of App World which passes in the NFC 3.1.2 or with the BlackBerry Tag (only between terminals RIM) and partnerships with Visa, MasterCard and Cityzi.

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Download Google Latitude for Mobile Phone

Latitude lets you see your friends’ exact locations and status messages. Share your location and status with selected friends. Get started by selecting “Join Latitude” in the menu, or learn more and get the Latitude iGoogle gadget at google.com/latitude. Latitude is availabe on Symbian S60 3rd Edition, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry phones. Continue reading Download Google Latitude for Mobile Phone

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Samsung S3850 Corby 2

The latest Samsung mobile phone Samsung S3850 Corby 2 products, namely the Samsung S3850 Corby 2. Samsung S3850 Corby 2 is a continuation of the old samsung corby. the South Korean company released three Corby handsets in Canada, so that’s where the new S3850 may be headed, We still don’t know when the Samsung Corby II will become available, and neither for what price. Anyway, I assume it won’t be long until Samsung officially unveils the phone. We’ll report back as soon as this happens.

Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, multitasking, app store those things used to be associated with smartphones, but the Corby II has them all on its list of features. Continue reading Samsung S3850 Corby 2

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BlackBerry Storm2 9520

The New BlackBerry Storm2 9520 RIM a évolué depuis la première version de l’appareil. Plus de fluidité, plus de réactivé mais quelques effets supplémentaires comme une inertie lorsque l’on fait défiler des listes. La précision de la saisie a elle aussi évoluée tout comme la navigateur Internet qui gère mieux les langages Javascript et CSS. Les clients Blackberry Entreprise Server 5 se retrouveront avec plus de possibilités comme une gestion complète des drapeaux Continue reading BlackBerry Storm2 9520

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The BlackBerry Curve 8520

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 has blend of splendid features that gives best value of user’s money. The Blackberry 8520 Curve is powered with full QWERTY keyboard that enables messaging, e-mails, MMS etc. Moreover, the user can also enjoy messaging using Blackberry instant messager. This is quite user-friendly phone, available on various networks at affordable rates along with free gifts. Continue reading The BlackBerry Curve 8520

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