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Shooter Battlefield 4 is officially

To silence the rumors while a little more titillating curiosity of players, this is what were the objectives of DICE inviting us in this beautiful country of Sweden to present the Battlefield 4.

Frankly, most of the information that we had on the new FPS from Sweden were found in the extract above, online since all Internets this morning. The prologue of Battlefield 4, long 17 minutes, we watched yesterday evening in a theater with a big screen and a size XXL. The pictures speak for themselves, the Frostbite Engine 3 worked wonders, and there is no doubt that Battlefield 4 is visually impressive.

This new engine DICE owner is able to develop both small details (movements and animations of the characters, their skin texture, facial expressions, etc..) Large areas (visual depth of field for example, is quite incredible). Wind particles after an explosion, clouds of smoke lifelike, lights … It is without fault, any statement by staging highly polished. Continue reading Shooter Battlefield 4 is officially

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Test – LEGO Lord of the Rings

Test - LEGO Lord of the Rings
LEGO Lord of the Rings, Warner Bros. Games the output of the Hobbit film and the renewed interest in Middle-earth that the new Peter Jackson film causes the public. But the latest in the series of LEGO moviegoers is not resting on its leaves Lothlorien by simply surfing the success of the franchise: he took the opportunity to provide a valuable facelift.

After many games labeled “Lord of the Rings”, Telltale Games was still vibrating string nostalgic fans without tiring. They decided to play the game thoroughly and make their game a true declaration of love to the fans, while maintaining grip simplissime own the series. Their stated goal: to gather around the console kids who discover Continue reading Test – LEGO Lord of the Rings

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Sleeping Dogs (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Sleeping Dogs To understand, one must first examine its chaotic development and understand how the twists that mark the altered DNA. Activision announced in 2009 the third installment of the True Crime series, GTA-like his house pretty average. True Crime: Hong Kong takes place in the world of the Triads, where an undercover cop – that is the hallmark of the series – must infiltrate the dangerous Chinese gang. But the company withdrew in 2011, and for the development studio that produces it, United Front Games, this is an economic disaster; follows a wave of layoffs.

It was not counting on that Square Enix decided to buy the project, its development and recovery. A year later, the publisher officially announced Sleeping Dogs, a realistic and immersive thriller that immerses players in disreputable alleys of Hong Kong. Continue reading Sleeping Dogs (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

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Razer Ouroborus mouse biting its own tail

The company Razer has released a wireless mouse Ouroborus, which was named one of the oldest symbols known to mankind. Ouroboros – coiled in a ring snake biting its tail – symbol of eternity and infinity.
The manufacturer identifies with him because of the novelty shapes fully variable, which can be customized to any size and grip palm. According to the company, Continue reading Razer Ouroborus mouse biting its own tail

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Action Battlefield 3 has a new official addition

Publishing company Electronic Arts has officially announced the release of new downloadable add-on for brick-busting action first-person Battlefield 3, called Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. Knowing the policies of EA and the developers from the studio DICE, it is easy to guess that this update applies only to a fee basis. Distribution, which appeared in the distribution networks Origin (for PC) and Xbox Live, priced at U.S. 15 $.

However, you can purchase psevdobesplatnogo Battlefield 3: Close Quarters: in these circumstances, it will get to those who bought the game Battlefield 3 in the Premium version for 50 $, which included the possibility of downloading five official add-ons, including Close Quarters. MobileDevice believes that the addon is completely up to its name, because instead of large open spaces will have to fight in close quarters. This is a completely different gameplay, so players should enjoy it. For those who still do not like the corridors and other components of buildings, can destroy them literally to the stone – the developers have fulfilled their promise and created a new system of total destrakta.

Total players will be invited to four new slot location. In addition, he will receive ten new weapons and, accordingly, ammunition for them. The next addition to the Battlefield 3 will be a project called Armored Kill. For details about him, of course, were not disclosed, but gamers expect something new, exciting and interesting. Armored Kill The distribution will be available for download on all platforms on which the original game came out already in the third quarter of this year.

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