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The fastest supercomputer in the world is now Chinese

It is called Tianhe-2 or milky-2, it is Chinese and is located in the “University of Defense Technology.” He was named the fastest supercomputer in the world by the “Top 500”, a ranking of supercomputers established collectively by the Universities of Mannheim in Germany, Knoxville, Tennessee, and the Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States. Continue reading The fastest supercomputer in the world is now Chinese

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Completely new Soyuz course cuts travel time for you to ISS by two nights to six hours

Typically, a trip from Earth to the ISS takes about 2 days. a Soyuz pills docked with the orbiting clinical after less than six hours of airline flight time, setting a list. Accelerating the actual trip wasn’t a concern of more modern technology or higher powerful engines, necessarily, however of much better math in addition to planning. The Russian vehicle primarily took the shortcut which required exactly timed steering over the course of four orbits, putting a few crew associates (including just one American astronaut) on the space station at 10: 28pm ET – just five hours and 45 minutes following takeoff from Kazakhstan.

Russian engineers are actually looking at methods to trim more hours off the actual trip, by slicing two far more orbits through the route. Obviously the actual human shipment appreciates wasting less time in the cramped quarters in the Soyuz. But getting equipment in addition to materials regarding experiments to the ISS quicker must also yield better plus much more reliable technological results. Only a few clips connected with liftoff along with the docking itself browse the NASA link inside source. Continue reading Completely new Soyuz course cuts travel time for you to ISS by two nights to six hours

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Flying drone Secom: invisible guardian of order

Flying drone Secom
Currently, modern cameras have too many flaws. For example, the so-called “dead zones” that the camera can not capture the shooting scene. Secom Company has developed a flying drone dosed with cameras, which will be the perfect guard.

Police did not miss a fly past him. It is noteworthy that the new product by the laser sensor can track moving objects, while not forgetting the distance, unnoticed. Continue reading Flying drone Secom: invisible guardian of order

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Monitor 2Go – portable monitor for tablets and smartphones, and Apple is not only

Company Mobile Monitor Technologies (MMT) has introduced a new portable model, the terminology of the manufacturer, monitor Monitor2Go.

The design of the device is rather unique and is a kind of laptop. “Upper” part of a 15-inch screen with a resolution of 1600 x 900 or 1366 x 768 pixels, depending on the model. In the “Bottom” of the present niche for installing the tablet iPad. In this design allows the screen to deploy a 180-degree, as well as add device screen facing out and install, such as a monitor, with a special foot. Continue reading Monitor 2Go – portable monitor for tablets and smartphones, and Apple is not only

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IBM and Vodafone jointly develop technology for Smart Homes

IBM and Vodafone decided to combine their efforts to create management technology “smart homes.” The first joint developments are presented at the International Consumer Electronics Show IFA, recently held in Berlin.

In their work, IBM and Vodafone used mobile and cloud computing to create a convenient way to control home entertainment devices. Last you want to connect to a telecommunications platform Vodafone Global M2M Platform, which, in turn, is working on a new platform of cloud computing services company IBM – SmartCloud Service Delivery Platform. Technology M2M, which stands Machine-to-Machine, includes a wireless connection to the Internet, home equipment. Continue reading IBM and Vodafone jointly develop technology for Smart Homes

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PNY Opener Attache : USB flash drive

PNY Technologies when the company released a flash drive, combined with a whistle, some readers said that would have been more popular “flash drive” with the opener for beer. Somehow, the thought came to the manufacturer, and today directory unusual USB-drive model has expanded Opener Attaché.

The device is enclosed in a rugged stainless steel housing. The hook, used to bottle openers, you can also hang a bunch of keys or a trailer with it “flash drive” on a backpack. Continue reading PNY Opener Attache : USB flash drive

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The aircraft FanWing was born in 2013

FanWing, can probably be called the first entirely new aircraft over the last hundred years. Rather than screw or jet engine, this machine uses samoletopodobnaya motors mounted directly to the wings. The unique design of these engines while providing lift and pushes the aircraft forward. Continue reading The aircraft FanWing was born in 2013

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BMW i Pedelec an electric bike to assist with the effort

Designed not to ride alone but to support the momentum of the rider, i Pedelec is a small electric bike to accompany its pilot effort in drawing its energy from a pair of lithium-manganese (LiMn) on a distance of 25 to 40 km at a speed of 25 km / h.

Ideal for commuting in urban areas, this concept would include folding bike (if available) a considerable price since it is equipped with disc brakes, a three-speed hub, a frame aluminum / carbon with a total weight exceeding still 20 kg.

Braking and downhill the engine would be configured to act as a generator to provide energy to recharge the batteries while it is obviously possible to connect them directly to a power outlet.

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Festo ExoHand a robotic hand controlled by an exoskeleton

Presented by Festo, the ExoHand is a prototype mechanical arm used to precisely manipulate different objects. Controlled by an exoskeleton to put on like a glove, all the wearer’s movements are repeated and amplified using robotic actuators by his counterpart in real time.

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New Cars electrical energy NRG to bring 200

The New Cars electrical energy NRG to bring 200 fast charging EV stations to the Golden State, pump $100 million into CA infrastructure Way back, before NRG was DeLoreans electrical or construction of solar power plants, he co owns a slew of electrical installations in California with Dynegy held an energy that is taken in a dispute over some long-term contracts the old state energy. Story short, this legal dispute has become problem NRG in 2008, after acquiring majority shareholder of Dynegy in partnership a problem, he finally resolved by peppering California with 200 EV fast charging stations. Regulation 120 million promises to create jobs, invest in the economy of the state and provide vocational training for maintenance of stations and installation teams.

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