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Android Robot USB Device Charger Power

Android USB Charger
We Android Gadgets are an interesting bunch, Charger Power for Android phones, although he won’t complain if you use him to charge other USB devices. Plug your USB device into his noggin and then plug his feet into the nearest power strip or outlet. Continue reading Android Robot USB Device Charger Power

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LG announces display for Smartphone Full HD

LG has introduced the world’s thinnest new LCD display 5.2-inch for smartphones with premium-resolution Full HD, Checking in at only 2.2mm in thickness, which uses the technology of OGS. Continue reading LG announces display for Smartphone Full HD

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Urbanears Plattan Tweed Edition

Urbanears Plattan Tweed Edition – headset for fans of tweed and LittleBigPlanet , Firms Zound Industries has decided to please fans of famous tweed jacket Harris Tweed. Legendary harrissky tweed, whose production is regulated by a special Act of Parliament, was the highlight of the new closed-type headphones Urbanears Plattan Tweed Edition.

New features 40-mm emitters, characterized by resistance 60 Ohm, sound pressure level of 115 dB and a range of 20-20,000 Hz. The maximum output power is 40 mW. Continue reading Urbanears Plattan Tweed Edition

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Nokia introduced the fashion for wireless charging

Today, the Finnish company Nokia has officially unveiled the next generation of smartphones running the operating system Windows Phone. The highlight of the steel Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. The main feature of two new mobile devices is to support wireless charging.

Nokia also announced four compatible accessory and expressed consent of the two partner companies to do the popularization of wireless charging stations (Virgin Atlantic and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf). In addition, the Finnish manufacturer has introduced its first Bluetooth-headset with wireless charging. Continue reading Nokia introduced the fashion for wireless charging

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