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Nokia will stop deliveries of SmartPhones with the Symbian OS this summer

Nokia company stop supplying cell phones with Symbian operating system this summer, and the model 808 PureView will be the last device on the platform, developed by the Finnish company. From now on, Nokia will be releasing smartphones only with the operating system Microsoft Windows Phone. Continue reading Nokia will stop deliveries of SmartPhones with the Symbian OS this summer

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Bluetooth Grill-Thermometer with iOS and Android App

Bluetooth Grill-Thermometer with iOS and Android App
Who throws often times with family or friends for a steak on the grill, which is the familiar problem: It is never achieved the perfect Chill the steak, so it is either already on the shoe sole or still raw. Of course, there are several commercial standards thermometer from the hardware store for us geeks but they are of course too boring. Remedy a Bluetooth thermometer for smartphones and tablets. This comes with an Android and iOS app can display the Chill your flesh on your display.

To do this simply inserts the probe into the meat, makes the transmitter somewhere next to the grill and then connects his phone with this compact device. Continue reading Bluetooth Grill-Thermometer with iOS and Android App

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LG designs its “smart” watches and glasses augmented reality

LG smart
All new – well forgotten old. How many people now wear watches? With the advent of mobile phones and smartphones in our lives, this accessory was purchased by people much less. Especially for its direct problem. In the near future all can change dramatically. “Smart” watches are already developing a new generation of Apple and Samsung. According to the source, they are not alone. They were joined by LG.

No specific information about the device itself, of course, not. Perhaps LG clock will be running Firefox OS.

In addition, the source reported that LG is also working on a project similar to the glasses Google Glass, which is the first device of a new generation of augmented reality. These products are part of the LG term strategy. That is, the company assumes that the future of such devices. Continue reading LG designs its “smart” watches and glasses augmented reality

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HTC revives Dashwire and will set up new android smartphones

HTC closed the service cloud Dashwire just a few months after acquiring it, but do not believe that it has left him into oblivion forever. It was a ‘see you later’ put the Taiwanese manufacturer has advanced that it thinks back to life.

HTC has announced that Dashwire again officially in Active to help operators and customers to enable and configure their new smartphones, including synchronization of contacts and the custom look of the terminal. Continue reading HTC revives Dashwire and will set up new android smartphones

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Mobile Ubuntu: new leader in the market

Canonical announces Ubuntu for smartphones
As expected, the company has officially announced the Canonical Ubuntu operating system for smartphones. Ubuntu mobile platform is a typical representative of a class of free software based on the Linux kernel, and existing drivers. It does not use a virtual machine Java. , Canonical also announced that Ubuntu Mobile Platform supports the ARM architecture and x86.

Ubuntu platform will be the basis for budget smartphones, and for models higher price segment. A major strength of the mobile OS Ubuntu is multitasking. The user interface has several features that distinguish among mobile Ubuntu OS Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Is to provide special gestures that play a role in navigation. Users can easily manage the four sides of the screen, switching between applications. Continue reading Mobile Ubuntu: new leader in the market

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Nokia Lumia K: WP8-smartphone with a 30 megapixel camera PureView

Nokia Lumia K- WP8-smartphone-30-megapixel-camera
Despite the fact that the Nokia Lumia series smartphones can not yet boast those crazy sales figures that show the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III, the Finnish manufacturer still managed to provide them with the correct image. This image will be successfully run on the company can only maintain it at the proper level.

A major new player in this series can be a toy like Nokia Lumia K, smartphone boasts the most advanced technical features. The thickness of the gadget is 12 mm, the presence of 5-inch display PureMotion HD +, the battery capacity of 3000 mAh, 2 GB RAM and a built-in 64 GB. Continue reading Nokia Lumia K: WP8-smartphone with a 30 megapixel camera PureView

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Became known cost of smartphones Sony Xperia E

Presenting the budget smartphone Xperia E last week, Sony is traditionally not a word about their cost, saying only that the device will go on sale in the first quarter of next year. However, just five days after the premiere there, and data on the price of the two representatives of the series.

According to the source, referring to the German office is Sony Mobile, Xperia E, supporting work with one card SIM, priced at 159 euros. Model Xperia E dual, providing the work with two cards SIM Continue reading Became known cost of smartphones Sony Xperia E

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Microsoft fix it works for reboot bug in Windows Phone 8

You probably already know about the complaints of users of smartphones HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 in the software problems, namely, the unexpected spontaneous reboots of the operating system Windows Phone 8. Maybe you’ve even encountered this bug personally.

Still, Microsoft will fix this bug, but only in December. Apparently, the developers have found the cause of reboots and prepare a software update, which will be released next month.
Continue reading Microsoft fix it works for reboot bug in Windows Phone 8

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Nokia Lumia 920 sold-out in U.S

As I already wrote, Greenpeace made another rating company, do not forget about the environment. Nokia in the top three is not the first time, and is unlikely to go away from there in the near future due to its novelty smartphones. Meanwhile, one of the models that accurately assess the “green” became a bestseller in the U.S..

At the very least, create a feeling, as Nokia Lumia 920 is not currently in stock and Amazon mobile operator AT & T. All models are available at the stores online stores are sold out. But the fact that we have no information about how many units were sold, Continue reading Nokia Lumia 920 sold-out in U.S

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini announced tomorrow

JK Shin, president of Samsung has confirmed that the Korean automaker will announce version 4 “of the Galaxy S3, at an event in Germany. This new model might be called Galaxy S3 mini, is intended primarily for the European market will not be an “entry level”, it will compete with such good S HTC One (our test).

Also Shin clarifies that some people will call this mini Galaxy S3 an entry level device but it is not so it is only Galaxy S3 with 4 inch screen and nothing else. With this statement of Shin we may assume that there will be no change in specs and features of the device only leaving its screen size. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini announced tomorrow

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Nokia Lumia M : Metal Mobile phone

Nokia Lumia M, Metal Mobile phone Designer by the name of Michael Schroeder (Michael Schroder) introduced the concept of the smartphone series Nokia Lumia, made in the case of aluminum, not polycarbonate, which has become a tradition for the Finnish manufacturer. Model is called Nokia Lumia M, the letter «M» in the name probably represents metal. In terms of appearance, this smartphone is very similar to a camera phone N8.

Specifications Nokia Lumia M standard for today’s smartphones, it is based on dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 with a gigabyte of RAM. The operating system is a new Windows Phone 8, Continue reading Nokia Lumia M : Metal Mobile phone

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Started certification Miracast compatible devices

One of the most important goals of modern high technology is to remove the electronics from the owners hateful wires. So, if we take into account mediafalov playback from one device to another, then, Apple has its own standard for AirPlay, which provides broadcast content via Wi-Fi. The problem is that the standard is only used on devices from Apple. The alternative is going to be a common technology Miracast.

Organization of Wi-Fi Alliance has started certification of devices compatible with the new standard Miracast, which also runs on wireless networks. However, unlike the Apple AirPlay, this technology does not require the organization of a complete network with a router and client, it uses the solution Wi-Fi Direct Continue reading Started certification Miracast compatible devices

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Apple announces iPhone 5 event for 12th september

Apple has a few minutes before the invitations to the media event on 12 September sent out. The rumors have been circulating for weeks, therefore, true and it is expected that the company from Cupertino, the new-generation iPhone officially on this event presents. This again confirms the shadows in the picture above onlookers, namely that contains a reference to the number 5, and thus on the final name of the Apple smartphone: The iPhone 5

The event takes place this time in the Yerba Center for the Arts in San Francisco and starts at 10 clock time. The theme this year, “it’s almost here” is not and can naturally fade the high expectations in the community. In general, analysts expect the biggest upgrade in the iPhone history. Continue reading Apple announces iPhone 5 event for 12th september

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