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Sony reveals the PlayStation 4

A few hours after Microsoft, Sony has finally set sail on his Playstation 4 … A black monolith that looks like a Playstation 2.

Sony has not done its best “keynote”, far from it. It was boring. However, the Japanese manufacturer has provided answers to many questions. Continue reading Sony reveals the PlayStation 4

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Modern Combat 5 – E5 Trailer For iOS and Android

android-ios-Modern Combat 5 - E5 Trailer
After Modern Combat: Sandstorm, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Gameloft unveils first trailer for their upcoming fifth album and Modern Combat 5 during E3 2013 .

At the appointment, we can rediscover the city of Venice, the famous “city of Venice” for the opportunity to be fully remaquillée 3D. Continue reading Modern Combat 5 – E5 Trailer For iOS and Android

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Mad Catz Project M.O.J.O: a console based Android Tegra 4

Mad Catz Project MOJO
Tegra products under four began their onslaught on the market. After the announcements of major manufacturers such as HP and Asus, are smaller manufacturers who engage in adventure Tegra 4. Mad Catz has a lot of experience in “serious games” has unveiled Mad Catz Project MOJO, bracket Android.

In the era of Android consoles, OUYA the Gamestick the GamePop … have not marked the spirits. Continue reading Mad Catz Project M.O.J.O: a console based Android Tegra 4

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HALO: Spartan Assault

New video game xbox for Windows 8 Phone , Enlist in this fast-paced adventure and discover the true calling of Halo’s newest Spartan warrior, Commander Sarah Palmer in Halo: Spartan Assault, the new touch-based top-down Halo shooter coming soon and only for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Continue reading HALO: Spartan Assault

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Razer reveals the Blade Pro gaming laptops update: $999

The Razer Blade gaming laptop 14-inch Razer Blade features 8GB of fast 1600MHz DDR3L memory combined with faster solid state performance of up to 512GB of storage, is a revolutionary game changer. Performance powered by the future 4th gen latest Intel Core i7 processor, Next Generation NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M gaming grade graphics, in an impossibly thin profile, you get the world’s thinnest gaming laptop computer.

The Blade Pro comes with Razer’s Switchblade interface, a trio of USB 3.0 ports, 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 1920 x 1080 display. Continue reading Razer reveals the Blade Pro gaming laptops update: $999

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Xbox One: a first idea of ​​the line-up

Before the conference last night, the titles of some games that are coming out on the new console from Microsoft was known. Ubisoft, for example, was among the first publishers to display its willingness to develop it. Here is the list of games officially planned as going out on Xbox One.

We will update this list as and when the ads will eventually take place in the coming days. Continue reading Xbox One: a first idea of ​​the line-up

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The future is it called Xbox Infinity

Xbox Infinity
The next Xbox would she find her name? While the presentation of the console, scheduled for May 21 is fast approaching, a new leak suggests the name of the future console: Infinity.

Farewell name 720, Fusion or 3. It may be necessary to call Infinity. The leak did not come from Microsoft, but Sega. Developers Sonic Tour would indeed listed their game on other consoles like the Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox … Infinity! A real leak? Or just a name chosen because developers do not know the name themselves?

One thing is certain, the Xbox 3 will be presented on May 21. The name Infinity you like it? Continue reading The future is it called Xbox Infinity

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Three new GTA 5 Trailer show the protagonists

new GTA 5
GTA 5 is with one of the hot expected plays in this year, which comes however unfortunately only on 17 September on the market. Also a PS4 as well as a PC-version were not confirmed so far unfortunately yet, however this will come probably somewhat later. Rockstar Games makes us however regularly rather hot on the play and publishes new Trailer. In the last three Trailern everything turns around the protagonists Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Franklin tried from the course crime to escaped, Michael through-lives its Midlife Crisis and Trevor behaves simply so rather frequently beside it and uses many strong language.

All in all the three Trailer make once again for desire on more. They promise still a Actionreicheres Gameplay as well as naturally a new city and new stories. Besides there is the possibility of vehicles from the view of the driver to steer probably for the first time and to have also the hood in the view. To book in advance know their GTA 5 for example with Amazon, the three Trailer gives it here. Continue reading Three new GTA 5 Trailer show the protagonists

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The Evil Within – Mikami wants a “truth” survival horror

The Evil Within
Shinji Mikami, the man behind the next project of Bethesda, The Evil Within, wants to return at the bases of the survival horror.

According to the Sir, and one can hardly give him twists, the kind survival horror became an argument marketing more than one kind. The survival horror with large budgets of today – one thinks Dead Space 3 – have all the stupid game of action – what Dead Space 1 was not!

For me, personally, if I returned to the survival horror, it is not that the survival horror as a kind does not exist any more, it is not any more but of the action. Shinji Mikami, in an interview granted to IGN.

IGN put online a 9 minutes video, where several men from Gameswork Tango cause us a little more philosophy of game of The Evil Within. If you missed the teaser and the first information on the game, it is here that occurs.
Continue reading The Evil Within – Mikami wants a “truth” survival horror

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Nintendo Wii online services in the summer

Nintendo has since a few weeks now not only in Canada the Wii mini in the sale, but also we can buy it. In the watered-down console is no longer installed Internet connection and the first generation, was still compatible with Nintendo Gamecube play, is no longer manufactured.

Accordingly, it is Nintendo no longer have to worry about online content, because there are always fewer devices connected to the network. I personally have never used the content also. The Japanese have now decided from the 28. June in the home news, weather, Mii Contest, everybody votes, Digital Camera print and the Nintendo channels. Wii Connect 24 is also no longer available to you, with the Wii Shop and other services remain for the time being.
Continue reading Nintendo Wii online services in the summer

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Dungeon Hunter 4 Trailer home Released (Video)

A month or more ago Gameloft announced which they would be releasing the following installment in their Dungeon Rogue series, with Dungeon Hunter 4 and now they have released their first trailer with the game.

“A new chapter within the iconic saga awaits, using a return to dungeon running, a new story, more RPG functions, special FX, & a lot more! ”

There are no details to date on exactly while Dungeon Hunter is going to be available, as soon even as get some details we will let you guys know, it looks pretty cool from the video. Continue reading Dungeon Hunter 4 Trailer home Released (Video)

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Moga Pro offer support for Kindle Fire and Windows Phone 8

You might not know but Power A has for several months in its catalog with MOGA device, a controller designed to better enjoy your games on mobile devices with Android. Well, now the command has decided to expand horizons and has warned that it will also be compatible with the Amazon Kindle Fire himself, as well as devices running Windows Phone 8. Of course, by the time this ad is for developers only, so that there is no official date in which users can enjoy the new possibilities of the controller.

Meanwhile, Power A has the opportunity to announce the upcoming release of his MOGA Pro, a higher version, presented earlier this year, enjoying the pushbuttons improvements, including backlighting, integrates a rechargeable battery and even offers support for hold our team as we play. It costs $ 50 and will be available from April 15-for residing outside the U.S., your purchase can be done through the manufacturer’s own online store. Continue reading Moga Pro offer support for Kindle Fire and Windows Phone 8

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Shooter Battlefield 4 is officially

To silence the rumors while a little more titillating curiosity of players, this is what were the objectives of DICE inviting us in this beautiful country of Sweden to present the Battlefield 4.

Frankly, most of the information that we had on the new FPS from Sweden were found in the extract above, online since all Internets this morning. The prologue of Battlefield 4, long 17 minutes, we watched yesterday evening in a theater with a big screen and a size XXL. The pictures speak for themselves, the Frostbite Engine 3 worked wonders, and there is no doubt that Battlefield 4 is visually impressive.

This new engine DICE owner is able to develop both small details (movements and animations of the characters, their skin texture, facial expressions, etc..) Large areas (visual depth of field for example, is quite incredible). Wind particles after an explosion, clouds of smoke lifelike, lights … It is without fault, any statement by staging highly polished. Continue reading Shooter Battlefield 4 is officially

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