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Iron Man 3: Mandarin appears

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 is the next Marvel movie and the firm about its new blockbuster. After trailers, the film made its promo with posters characters. We had Tony Stark, Iron Patriot, and Aldrich Killian. Today, it is the turn of Mandarin.

We can see that the film’s nasty primary will adopt a military look. Hope that the essence of the Mandarin is still respected. After Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2, this is Ben Kingsley who will face the iron man. As a reminder, here is the official synopsis Continue reading Iron Man 3: Mandarin appears

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So Killzone Shadow Fall for PS4, directly shared in Facebook

Killzone PS4 Facebook
Eager to see what the new PS4 is capable of doing? Then we have something that may interest you. After the jump you can see a small sample of ‘Killzone Shadow Fall’, a new episode of the saga of action carried out by guerrillas which has been played live to the delight of the audience while the action was shared via Facebook.

Logically, not we couldn’t ignore the opportunity to share it, so we left it after the jump waiting that pressures the button play with fury. Continue reading So Killzone Shadow Fall for PS4, directly shared in Facebook

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Final trailer: Metal gear rising: Revengeance in the Kojima-cut (video)

Final trailer Kojima
The release of metal gear rising: Revengeance has it can not take metal gear creator Hideo Kojima, cut together an own trailer, what probably worked despite gaming sickness. He is plenty long with just under seven minutes and has also a bad pathetic soundtrack in addition to any amount of Schwertschwingerei.

From tomorrow “metal gear rising: Revengeance” to have in its uncut form 18. Video after the break. Continue reading Final trailer: Metal gear rising: Revengeance in the Kojima-cut (video)

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Wall Street Journal: PS4-streaming PS3-games thanks to Gaikai technology

There are only a few days, until on 20 February, the PlayStation event in New York over the stage, going to the then most probably the new Sony PlayStation 4 will pull out of the bag. And to reports the Wall Street Journal, according to the previous console games PS 3 can play streamed. Made possible by the technology of the company Gaikai, the Japanese electronics giant has bought 2012 for $ 380 million.

Next, the WSJ writes that Sony had developed for Move better cameras and also renewed the controller – a picture of a prototype is already leaked. Continue reading Wall Street Journal: PS4-streaming PS3-games thanks to Gaikai technology

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Epic Citadel released today on Android

Epic Citadel Android
Epic Citadel, technology demonstration of what can the Unreal Engine 3 on mobile finally released on Android.

Two years after its release on iOS, Epic Citadel is available on Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android. And if she undoubtedly will delight lovers of beautiful graphics on Android smartphones and tablets, this output is of any importance for application developers.

Epic Games has indeed submitted the demo to numerous tests and QA worked with Intel and Nvidia to fully optimize the use of the Unreal Engine 3 development in Android. Work which will then help developers using Epic’s engine to offer their shares to a maximum of compatible platforms. Continue reading Epic Citadel released today on Android

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GTA V: is for September

GTA V-September
GTA V will be available 17 September 2013, Rockstar confirms. Confirmed by the editor on his facebook page, the release date of GTA V will therefore be later than expected. Delay is explained by the desire to refine Rockstar title.

We know that this time exceeds four months period and originally planned that this delay will disappoint many of you, but trust us, it’s worth the effort. GTA V is a complex and ambitious that requires a little more attention to be up to the standards and your expectations. Continue reading GTA V: is for September

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Impressions – SimCity regions have talent

To say that the return of SimCity caused much ink since its announcement: permanent internet connection required, content packs exclusive to the deluxe edition, no terraforming … but we should not forget that this episode is before any opportunity to offer an extra dimension to the king of city-builder.

The greatest innovation of this new SimCity is undoubtedly the system area. Game cards indeed contain several sites that are all grounds experiments to test different types of city. It is possible to pass from one to the other through a loading time (light on war machines at our disposal) to develop different urban plans.
No risk of your cities to go awry while you build a small resort a little further, they are putting automatically pause when you are not working on it. Continue reading Impressions – SimCity regions have talent

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Nintendo announces big games on Wii U

Nintendo announces big games on Wii U
In a new Direct Nintendo, Satoru Iwata has confirmed the arrival of important titles on Wii U.

Apologizing for the lack of titles coming in January and February on the Wii U, Nintendo’s CEO reminded the players the upcoming release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (23 March) and LEGO City Undercover (March 28).
Bayonetta plays still largely absent the presentation, despite assurances that “development is going well,” as the next Smash Bros.. we have the first images (and possibly a trailer) at the next E3.

Responding to the request of the players unreleased tracks, Iwata then finally announced some major projects: a new Mario game is currently in development in Nintendo studios, produced by the team responsible for episodes Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land. Continue reading Nintendo announces big games on Wii U

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New screenshots of GTA 5 released

New screenshots of GTA 5
Rockstar Games, the makers of the popular Grand Theft Auto series have. For spring next year, the fifth part of the game in the pipeline The development is of course the fact vorangeschrittten and the guys feed us constantly with new information about the game. On the Rockstar Games Facebook page, the makers have now released 5 new screenshots.

These reveal that most from GTA 5 can also use U-boats that we can again fly jet and that one can probably also appear in some way in the water. The screenshots here are complete.
Continue reading New screenshots of GTA 5 released

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Test – LEGO Lord of the Rings

Test - LEGO Lord of the Rings
LEGO Lord of the Rings, Warner Bros. Games the output of the Hobbit film and the renewed interest in Middle-earth that the new Peter Jackson film causes the public. But the latest in the series of LEGO moviegoers is not resting on its leaves Lothlorien by simply surfing the success of the franchise: he took the opportunity to provide a valuable facelift.

After many games labeled “Lord of the Rings”, Telltale Games was still vibrating string nostalgic fans without tiring. They decided to play the game thoroughly and make their game a true declaration of love to the fans, while maintaining grip simplissime own the series. Their stated goal: to gather around the console kids who discover Continue reading Test – LEGO Lord of the Rings

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GTA Vice City on the Nexus 7 and tried Nexus 4

GTA Vice City on the Nexus 7 and tried Nexus 4
Actually, the guys at Rockstar Games have been last week to release the Android version of GTA Vice City, but the plan was thrown because of a few problems over the pile. The developers have in the past few days so reworked a bit yesterday and then finally the final version of the classic game in Google Play store appeared.

As a GTA fan, I bought the game and of course it was a little now allude. First, a time you should plan on buying some time, depending on your Internet connection, it may take quite a while until namely the 1.4GB are downloaded. Continue reading GTA Vice City on the Nexus 7 and tried Nexus 4

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GTA 5 petition reached 100,000 supporters

2 days ago my colleague Julian already reported about the online petition for a PC version of GTA 5, which had set itself the goal to collect 100,000 signatures. Meanwhile, the 100,000 signatures reached and the goal was to increase the target to 150,000. But this is to be achieved on the right track.

One of the creators of the petition has certainly achieved that was taken the studio to GTA 5 “Rockstar” by the media attention to this petition carefully, even if that nothing official confirmed. Continue reading GTA 5 petition reached 100,000 supporters

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Blizzard WoW famous pictures

MMORPG Blizzard celebrates eight years with a gameplay video.

Eight years of loyal service for World of Warcraft. A true video game phenomenon which, although known weaknesses, still has more than ten million subscribers worldwide. Performance on time or end up in any MMO free to play after breaking his teeth on the monster Blizzard. Continue reading Blizzard WoW famous pictures

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